Show us your brawls!

I’m loving the player-made game centre brawls, but I suspect many people just look at the most popular ones, and they end up getting all the likes.

So if you have a brawl posted in the game, post it here too and maybe some of us will vote for it.

I am guessing that the PC brawls are separate from the console ones, but I am assuming the console brawls are pooled together. So probably good to specify your platform.

Here’s my most recent one:

It’s a death race!

Damage is enabled, and respawns are not. Five preset cars, and all have close range weapons. Be fast, or be deadly!

Weapons include a Blight/Tachi build, a Yokozuna/Harvester/Skadi, a Lacerator/Cerebus, a Blight/Remedy, and a Kensei/Fafnir car.

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