Show us your donut

Now that the anniversary event is over, show us your donut!

post anniversary donut showing , sounds dirty

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I could have sworn I haven’t played for that long, where does the time go?


Has anyone seen a 7 or 8 on PC? I would assume only people that were Devs or Beta could have those?

Or did they reset with the go live date?

ive only seen 6 or less


Yeah, 100% of the people I started to play with and all the closed beta people I ever talked to left ages ago, a fair bit before the exodus of most of the original crossout YouTubers and that has been a few years now.
So the oldest I’ve seen are 5 like me but even then most people I’ve seen with this donut are 3 years and newer.
I use to enjoy talking to closed beta testers as the game had major differences from closed to even original open beta let alone how much it is different now to then!

This doughnut messes with my head.
I seem to have an undiagnosed form of trauma based amnesia. Not at all kidding. I had some bad schit happen, and now time is sort of static in my perception. Every night when I go to sleep it’s like Groundhog Day in hell.

It’s always the day after that schit happened when I wake up, so events that have occurred since it actually happened just pile up on top of each other in my memory.

I use logic and math to sort it out. I mean, I know it didn’t happen yesterday, or even this year, but I couldn’t just tell you accurately when, without consulting some physical file. I need a postmark, an icon, a tangible and real record of an event for reference to sort things out right. Otherwise, I really have no idea. To me, it’s just been a very bad, long, and eventful year.

This doughnut is an of icon of schit that doesn’t make any sense to me chronologically. I think it’s accurate, but it stands against what I thought I knew. It’s also a little weird because I started right before the New Year, and that makes it look more removed from where I think it should be.

There’s a lot of event’s that I thought I had proper perspective of that I now have to reconsider based on this damn doughnut…I probably won’t bother, though. IDGAF.

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Covid made me forget a year or two, lol (not having Covid, but the whole event of being on lockdown)

No joke.

Come on now! Let’s see those donuts!

Most of the people I have seen on Xbox with this donut are 5 or 6.

Xbox might have better player retention then PC.

But then again I only play ultra high PS, so I most likely don’t see all the lower number ones.

Do be scared, show us your donut!

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I could have sworn I’d been playing longer, but I guess that was the pandemic messing with my sense of time.

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I’m lazy over a banner… Mine is 4. (I played on PC originally, don’t have access to the email to recover it all these years later).

The highest I have seen on either platform is 6.

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Finally turned to a 6 in early June. The 5 was aggravating me, but it did finally change to 6.

Somewhere my donut shows I hope.


Congrats man, you must have started a few weeks after launch.

Your the only other 6 I know of on the forum.


delicious double chocolatey doughnut! so nice and mouth watering isnt it?

… i feel im missing something here.

Thats on PC, was hoping for something more Serious… but I realize this is a game…

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Who is that?

It has to be a closed beta tester.

I thought out of respect, that it would be inappropriate to show their name. If it were mine then fine, but I have seen 3 "7"s in my travels. If I’m wrong then … I can stand corrected… And that is a different person, can’t find the third one… but they are playing

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Very cool, thank you for sharing.

I’m not sure we can even have a 7 on console.