Sidekicks drones

I often use my drone build to vary a little, like today.
I use 3 x hawks + 1 phyton.

But i do need something that can follow me, so i was thinking in 1 or 2 sidekicks and 2 or 3 hawks.

I intend to do something more serious in the future but now it’s just for chilling out.

Are they good?
does the co-driver makes them snappier ( passive perk)?
Are they fast?

they’re good up to about 7.5k ps. taking them into any ps higher than 7.5 and they lose their effectiveness almost immediately. Additionally, most drones suck until you fuse them to have the Activation Time perk, that’s what makes the “Snappy”, then, using the Drone co-driver just makes fused drones OP because it also has Activation Time for a perk. The thing about sidekicks is, if you drive too far away from the rig they are targeting, they’ll pull off and won’t lock back on until they get in range of your local radar. Are they fast (as in driving speed)? No.

Thank you.

I’m about 5.7 k, so i’m ok according to you.
I don’t have a radar, only a radio.
I often play very aggressive with my build, I’m often in the middle of the chaos, trying to ram what i can, i only wander off when my hawks fall off the skies, to recharge a new set or to bail out of a bad situation.
would they be able to keep up with me?
I’m thinking of switching cabins, i’m in doubt for an Harpy (i only run 4 charges and i have to make them count) or a Howl cabin for brawling? I’m thinking about putting at leat 2 BF to shorten the distance for cheetah.
could i fit all of this beneath 7.5?

I was hoping that the co driver passive perk would be enough for snappier drones.

Please, check this out, go to Chapter 4 and give it a read, it may answer a lot of your questions. Not all of them but lots of them.

thank you.
Although i think i’ll go in a different direction i’m certainly taking a couple of things from this.
Howl cabin makes so much sense, cause i could take real advantage of it’s perk or harpy, the extra ammo thing could came handy in some of the games where i run out before the end .
I need something more efficient than turrets to protect the hawks, turrets are great to stuck builds, to do damage in a zone.

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