well, with my main build down for the count until i get new weapons (most certainly the devs forgot about fixing stuff after the update), and tired to see the paint on the walls dry out .
yesterday, i started experimenting the sidekicks drones.
3 hawks + 1 sidekick
today was so fun, most of the times i don’t know where he is, derping somewhere?
other times here he comes on flames or not, coming directly at me like a boomerang he get stuck under my wheels if i’m at speed often cause my build to flip over or get in the way.
I laugh so hard today in one game.
I was running from someone, i see a drone coming my way
must be my drone, i thought.
and it was.
At that point i stopped running from the other guy and start making evasive manoeuvres (zig zag) to be able to avoid my own drone with no luck , he get stuck under my wheels and i flip over ahahahahah.
Other times i don’t know where he is, i’m not where he is and i start seeing assists and destructions , must be the sidekick drone.
But more important, i like it, over and over again, i saw people shooting my drones .
Now they have three options : shoot me, shoot my hawks or shoot my sidekick, it works better than turrets, i like it.
tomorrow i will start experimenting with 2x2, if it’s better than 3x1 or not.
Sidekicks should be faster to be able to keep with the mothership, and they should be 3 energy instead of 4, after all, it’s just at the fun level.

My prototype it’s ready.
Let’s get this party started.
2 hawks
2 sidekicks
Death or Glory and stuff like that.
If it doesn’t work, back at my previous build