Sideways hovers must stay

Frontal hovers can’t take a hit, this isn’t because of durability of the hovers. It’s because of the frames. Ona frontal hovers, frames are exposed to being shot in the front. If this happens the nova will be the ONLY viable hover cabin. Why are they taking this away but giving firedogs more movement versatility. Hovers on console are very bad and we don’t have the same issues as pc. Sideways is hard to do because you need a control with under paddles. But making everyone build a frontal hovers will kill the hover, no one will want to use this movement part. The nova cab will be the only one used. They will nerf that again too. Why does targem hate us and pigeon hole us into playing firedogs? I’ve stopped playing already since last update because the firedog builds are overrun everything. Can the devs catch up? Hovers aren’t the issue here.


If you’ve already stopped playing, why are you complaining?


I’m holding out hope for this game. I play on raids daily but I no longer play pvp or clans. I love this game but I fear it’s truly time to part ways

Nah that’s bs. Side hovers aren’t needed. The issue is the forced controls change.

It’s not bs, it’s the truth. I agree that the movement changes is bad. Frontal hovers are terrible



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all movement pieces changes are horrible


Sideways hovers must die.
Maybe this game can finally have some decent balance now that Hovers are getting nerfed.

People who threaten to leave the game are like the abrasive Karens who threaten to never shop at a store again. Just go. Maybe the game can flourish now that you’re gone.


Sideways hovers need to go.


I never liked how sideways hovers broke any attempt at immersion, although I did appreciate the creativity of the approach.
If forwards hovers are truly too weak after the change, I think it’s safe to assume they’ll get a buff to their durability.


its called use the build the way its meant to be used and stop trying to use a technicality to win. fight fairly.

speak for yourself please. i use hovers the way they are meant to be used. frontal. i dont resort to glitches in the way damage is calculated from the sides to make “more durable” builds.

no they are not. i used frontal hovers and never used sideways hovers, i despise anyone who uses sideways hovers cause it proves they have to win using a flaw in the game. if theres flaws in the game people can and WILL use it to their advantage. so i say good riddens to sideways hovers.

agreed. im tired of these no skill sideways builds. grow a pair and make a proper build now.


it takes much more skill to drive and shoot a sideways build then a frontal one buddy. grow a pair of cerebral hemispheres. try out a sideways hover from exhibiton on battle, and try to build one.
It wasn’t never a glitch too, just freedom to build, far from a glitch/bug.

it isnt a flaw, never was. i don’t understand what u trying to do? coping? because u just straight up lying, it was never a flaw nor a bug nor a glitch

u never used sideways hovers. so WHY ARE U EVEN HERE??? its like if i was a medic and i wanted to start talking mechanic mf wtf.
and frontal hovers are worse then sideways hovers in all aspects

it’s fair, it is even more fair as sideways takes more skill to be actually good with.

there is no such thing as that.

Depends on how you build. The size oh hovers themselves is biggest concern. Although, you know, hovers was never meant to be a primary meta thing, but rather something trading durability for maneuverability.

These changes are much needed and I hope the devs follow through with them. Sidehovers will still exist and benefit from their orientation; but they can no longer exist as a narrow blade that can strafe from opposite sides of my screen within a few seconds. You sidehover players are legal cheaters, you might as well have speedhacks with how easily sidehovers can completely circumvent the 200ms latency of a human nervous system. Combine that with the fact that sidehovers can accelerate faster than nearly every single high alpha ranged weapon that they are most vulnerable to and its literally not possible to hit an evasive sidehover without luck.

To hell with what sidehover players want. My friend who just got into Crossout and played the BP quit for the last 3 weeks because he decided to pick cannons and autocannons and cannot even get his guns pointed at them.


Seems like every S+m1 hovertart to me (^%

Autocannons are probably the best weapon choice against hovers tho @_@ WTF was your mate doing?


LOL no it really doesnt. on ps4 change your controls around so going forward is sideways and going sideways is forward. change your controls around and you can drive a hover like its a normal frontal build.

as far as im concerned i have them. unlike you trying to insult someone over a opinion. grow up.

the devs even said the builds werent meant to be built that way because of the way damage is taken in crossout. that sideways builds have more durability and can take far more hits then they should be able to. so YES that is a technicality in the game.

read my above reply. i am not lieing nor am i new to the game. i been playing for years. im guessing your very new to the game to not know that.

im here trying to give an opinion. though i can see im hitting a nerve in you. im really not in the mind set to be dealing with a child right now let alone a temper tantrum.

again, no it doesnt take skill to be good with a sideways hover. sideways hovers are the same as frontal, all you need to do is change your controls on your controller and bam sideways hover becomes frontal.

AGAIN read above. the devs stated long ago that damage was calculated differently from the side then it is from the front, thus its why sideways builds are more durable then frontals. i been playing the game longer then you, i know what im talking about here and many others can confirm this.

i also suggest you calm your tits and stop insulting people before you get banned. people are allowed to give opinions here, its a forum for crying out loud. if you cant take peoples opinions without being able to insult them then you have no place here. either calm down and respond with respect or get lost.


Come on, dogs are not that difficult to deal with.

u sure u have 2 cerebral hemispheres? because u can’t even understand the diference between a false fact and a OPINION
u said

that ISN’T AN OPINION, that’s a fallacy a false fact. I didn’t insult u i said a truth. And btw

let me guess too… u never played a sideways build right? And clearly u aren’t insulting anyone, i dont care but u seem to care.

yes it does, at least on PC. im not like some ppl who talk about the stuff they have no experience or knowledge in. At least in PC it is harder

u can’t give an opinion on something u have knowledge or experience in, that just ignorance.

no they arent, far from it and again we talking PC here

source? proof?

have u been playing earlier since when open beta came out?

arent u doing the exact same thing on the same exact sentance?

its not even S u brainlet
its E and u gotta w and s to avoid obstacles with map awareness
stop talking about stuff u have no exp or knowledge in, bunch of ignorants