Signs at the Name sometimes

Who knows what the signs under the name means.
There are sometimes, blue, or red, signs
by all players from one side, other side not.
or only by a few players.
Then 2 signs at one player…

At the picture good example:

Thx for help

It use to show bonuses there for when someone was running a flag in that space. It seems a little off to be just that in this case.

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They are flag symbols, those ones are Engineers.
Basically a teammate mounted a flag that gives reputation bonus to the team. The faction has to be active, which is always the case for Engineers faction.
The 2 last players don’t have it most likely because they left the game before the end (can be checked on their game history).


That might explain the missing ones.

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go into crafting tab and you can craft the flags…they are really tall and annoying,just a heads up! :rofl:


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I used some old 3 day ones I had the other day for engineers. (I crafted a bunch once, then realized it was the other factions that need flags not engineers) It still put flags on everyone, dunno if we actually received anything extra though. Or it could be because they were legacy items.

Blue or Red is the faction “color” (i don’t think it means anything)
The particular blue one is engineer in your example. Everyone will have this faction at all times.

In this instance, someone was running an engineer flag, while the person with the red flag had that faction flag.
No one else in the battle were joined to that faction as a secondary faction or they also would have red flags.

The flags can be made within each faction and attached to your vehicle.