Simple vote or yes or no - who wants the game to revert to before the update?

Whats people opinions…the devs dont care but i am interested?

My vote - revert it back

Reverting some changes back would be nice. But some other changes are good… at the very least fine.

Mostly no.

Don’t revert back. The game is heading in a good direction. But their are a number of things that need further improvement

My biggest gripe is the visibility in game now. Everything leaves black smoke, muzzle flashes blind everything in a 3 block radius, the camera is easy too low to the ground, the cabin remains block both your car and your view with pillars of black smoke, the colors are juicier, which has the side effect of making similar colors hard to decipher (looking at a car with weapons not sitting on top making a sillouette, makes it appear as one undistinguishable blob as any distance past 100m. Sorry, that’s not camouflage, that’s a step back from the clearly distinguishable cars before this update).

Fix these things, and I’d play again…as it is now, it’s a blur or shit.

Also, V-Sync NEEDS to be OPTIONAL. I have better equipment and reflexes than what this shit V-Sync gives me. Make it’s OPTIONAL.

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you didn’t add a voting poll. :crazy_face:
but bring back or make an option for our brakes…this is just yuk.


No, change is good

Changes are mostly good, tho I agree with DHawk that I can’t see crap most of the time :face_with_monocle:.

Changes are mostly good.

I would Change blue hover top Speed to 85 and revert bigram power to what it was before the patch. Also increase wheel turn speed.

Make the camera so it can pull out more.

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this update ruined my main guns…
the explosion sounds are rubbish, but i like the sound of the gravel hitting the car.
some and fire from the wrecks are confusing, but the wrecks are a cool addition.
the light looks cooler… i’ve heard about crazy fast hovers.
I was thinking in upgrading my work horse but now i’m without him.
Pls, fix my guns.
Then i’ll vote

Revert the hover speed back to 75 boost acceleration speed of legs and the update is good everything else can stay.

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Nope, get over it the changes are here to stay, and most of the changes were great, next update the devs should add a salty mine map for the players!


No, the game looks great and I mostly like the new mechanics.

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ils ont tué le jeu, les hovers sont trop cheaté et les cac sont merdique avec les épaves qui les bloques. Je suis vraiment très déçus de cette “évolution” du jeu, moi qui vais atteindre le prestije ingénieur 300 sur xbox .