Since when did this "dry" map variant exist?

So I was doing some patrols and saw we now have a version of this map where the water sections are now weirdly flat terrain and honestly it looks so cheap and lazy… but I’m surprised that I’ve not seen it before?

Looks like they just swapped the texture on the ice that would have been there during the snow map variants during the holidays.

Never came across it will keep an eye open for it though.


are your settings on low? that happens when i set my settings to low…

I’m on console, you don’t get to change video settings on console… these areas are usual full of water

Maybe they’re tinkering in the shadows? My game just crashed, and that only seems to happen around updates. I had a synchronicity issue earlier too, and there’s a bit of lag every now and then.

Perhaps there is an update announcement incoming?

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We can hope so… I hoped the Ravager mode would return this year but we’ve not seen anything yet. It would tie in well with Hyperborea coming back… plus crossplay for console.

Because I’m just trying to farm fuel in Heli mode and I’m say here like -


and don’t tell me to restart the search, I’ve done that 4 times already… it’s just a placebo people say with no proof

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That sucks. I have no solution for that.

Before 2.0, you could reset the de-ranking by quitting before the countdown for a match expired, but that stopped working after Supercharged, and I’ve never known a way to make that timer speed up.

The matchmaker works a lot differently now, I think, and has broader and more subtle solutions to it’s objectives, but has no solution for “I quit! This game sucks.” The population has dwindled back down to it’s core, leaving it with a conundrum it cannot solve.

All I could suggest is to try a different build, but I’m sure you’ve thought of that.

It’s the alt account, I don’t have a choice… it’s prestige 1 now so you’d think it would find games faster…

On a funny side the devs are so lazy the timer counts in minutes even though it ticked over to an hour lol


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That’s pathetic.

Are you saying that account has finally past Engineer’s level 30? Congratulations. Welcome to Heartbreak Ridge.

Heli mode is well populated at 5am of course, I restarted the search 4 times but now it’s gone so far I’m just kinda letting it go…

I’m doing other things on PC of course, while watching YouTube so I’m not wasting time… watching some market stuff etc

I found switching rewards to closer to the builds PS sometimes helps. Like if your over wires don’t do scrap, if over batteries don’t do wires. Every time I try to do a lower resource it just seems to take longer… An hour is nuts though.

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That PC? Think they need in on the CROSS-PLAY action too.
The game might be slightly different on PC but eh.

Feel the Crossplay with consoles will only be a temp fix of the falling out of players.

Hoping they just throw everyone into the mix and let us all just fight.

nah on Xbox… EU at 5am

Ah, Dang. Yeah its dead in EU times. I am in Central USA
Xbox Yeah.

Wonder how Playstation is doing.

What powerscore was you trying to run?

it was 5-6k

Pretty insane. Yeah im on Xbox too. My G-Tag is same as here.

But yeah its like brawls I never can find matches for them and chose not to wait over like 10 minutes.

Big Black Scorpion is only brawl i ever got to play since the game came out on Xbox.

Also use to try to find matches for Invasion and use to not be able to find any on that.
Lately I finally found matches and got that achievement for Xbox. lol

I feel like that’s the first time I ran into you just now

Lol, I play Powerscores all over the place. not sure what your gamertag is.
I am normally on at daytime but I sometimes grind out my daily challenges for next day after reset. Which reset time for me here is 6pm