Sinus-0 mounting changed?

My old Sinus-0 build used to be protected by few armors next to it. But after the new update. My Sinus-0 cant shoot downwards and some parts became red after loading my blueprint.

Is this a bug or intentional?

It’s them not giving a damn about non-omnidirectional movement parts. They don’t think you need weapons that swivel, when your whole car can swivel, if you use camera steering to aim.

Wheels and tracks are for melee and drones now, I assume. Shotguns do seem immune to these restrictions though. Maybe swap your Sinus’ out for Maces and start hugging some faces.

Cool build. Sorry it had to die this way.


That often happens when they correct/improve the object models. Like it might be able to clip a little bit before the fix and when they fix it suddenly it can’t.

near the bottom of the last patch notes:


Improved the collision models for a number of parts:

  • Sinus-0;
  • Assembler;
  • TS-1 Horizon;
  • Neutrino;
  • Gravastar;
  • Emily;
  • Arothron.

i missed this part of the patchnote. Now its harder to armor up the Sinus-0.

It’s easy to miss it especially on the last one as it was massive.

nice rhyme xD

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