Skadi needs a buff!

I finally know what the problem with the skadi is. It is almost like a crossbreed between a retcher and a firebug but masters none of it. The skadis only saving grace is its small hitbox and that it is easy to armour plus being coupled with high durability but even that can’t save it. The skadi is useless at ranges greater than 50m which leaves you with your only real option of using it at very close range but even then it sucks because any player with half a brain is gonna be on the move anyways, even hitting slow moving targets at close range is a challenge with the skadi. Your outclassed by orders of magnitude by firebricks/firedogs/shotguns and just about everything else except for droners. Only thing it is capable of taking on is spider cannon players at very close ranges and that’s only if your lucky enough if he couldn’t catch up with his team. It also does decent against light hovers if you can get in under the hover due to the cryogenic perk against passthru parts such as frames but that’s about it.

I think they should change the perk, and give it the same slowing effect as Jotun.

How many are you using?
I’ve only been using the single BP one, and I kind of like how it combines with my spark. But definitely needs a buff.

I want to like it, but I haven’t figured out how to make it work for me.

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I just crafted my third one yesterday. I’ve played it at 8k,9k and 17k ps paired with odin and skadi is pretty ineffective no matter what ps you choose to play at.

I think the perk should be more akin to the retcher, the problem is hitting anything period with it and even if you were miraculously somehow100% accurate with the weapon it still wouldn’t be enough, 3 skadis only does 3000 damage on the damage meter with a stack of radiators. It also requires ammo packs to add insult to injury so even getting them in at low ps is a challenge.

Do you have any flashs or sparks? Try mixing some of them in there. I think the trick with cryo how it makes builds more vulnerable to other weapons (excluding heat/fire)

I’m actually surprised you got them to do 3000 on the damage meter. That’s more than I would have guessed.

You might think that’s a lot but in practice it is not. It functions similar to a retcher but without the perk. I mean 2 retchers only does a little over 3000 damage as well standing next to the damage meter but you know yourself that if the retcher didn’t have the range perk it would be useless vs any thing that isn’t point blank range. Well truth be told your actually landing less shots than the retcher, i say only 10% of my shots land against anything that is not a sitting duck so that 3000 damage does not translate well at all in the actual game and it is not even explosive damage so it is very unforgiving for inaccuracy unlike the retcher

I don’t have flash or sparks or firebugs, that’s not my style.

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I love playing against the skadi…and that is all I have to say about that.

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Removing its perk would ironically make it go from “has a niche” to “complete garbage”. RN its use is to lower levis’ damage by 25%.

You don’t think a slowdown perk would also be useful against leviathans?

I don’t care about CW, but it seems like in Invasion that it’s always a good strategy to slow down or stop leviathans.

Anyway, I’m not sure any weapon should have perks that are only useful in leviathan CW. Seems a little too niche, no?

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Jotun’s probably better as a levi slow. I agree that it’d make sense for cold damage to slow opponents, but we already had lightning damage slowing cars, so… Here you can observe the wonders of “iterative” or “organic” design, a.k.a throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. Especially wonderful after 8 years of dev time and probably about as many head devs with contradictory visions in charge of the whole thing over that time. The only way out of this is to rework everything at some point to iron out the quirks, but you can’t do that either when you had the audacity to charge 2k+€ for a set of fused relics in a forever-open-beta cashgrab for nearly a decade.

I’m almost with you on the point regarding it being a bit niche, but 1 we have Acari and Ripper already and 2 being good at levi CW is still better than sucking at everything like a solid 70% weapons in this game.


I wouldn’t say acari sucks at anything that is not levi related, I use acari all the time in reg pvp with a wide variety of weapons and do really well with it.

At least you can keep your distance with the jotun and you can stay out of harms way unlike the skadi. When i fight levis in invasion I try to stay in cover as much as possible but with skadi you need to be in arms reach with a direct line of sight at all times. My go too build right now in invasion is acari plus 2 incinerators paired with odin on the omnibox and i regularly score over 80 000 points with that setup.

Edit: Speak of the devil even my levi can’t beat the acari/incinerator combo and I tried to make that as acari/incinerator proof as much as possible with what I got unless i put more argus modules on it but I only need one for pvp so that is all my levi is gonna get. Skadi works pretty well on Invasion levis tho why i got it on there actually.


For Invasion leviathans, I think Argus is essential now because of Acari. My Levi is using Kami for a cab, but I’m not certain the cabin perk works against Acari, so I have an Argus in there too.

My anti-leviathan invasion build has one incinerator, an Acari, and a jubokko, on a tilted blight build. The Jubokko doesn’t do a lot, but can stop some leviathans, and also distracts their aim from focussing on me. You can also herd them a bit, as they will often switch directions if they see one.

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I never tried jubokko in invasion and I’ll keep that in mind if i ever decide to try it. Having something for a distraction would be very beneficial for the fast moving levis. I also got kami too that is just gather dust so I should give that a try as well if I ever works up the nerve to build a new levi.

I think I also put a verifier on my leviathan, to interfere with players’ cloaking.
Recently swapped out some parsers and replaced them with toadfishes, but haven’t had a chance to check if it has improved the build.
I need to start using custom battles to test my leviathans. Only recently realized that I could do that.

I’ve seen people use a Skadi with 2 Remedy’s or Dracos to help slow their target and remove their reistances

That’s what poony said earlier, it seems it is better used as a tool kind something like the spark than as opposed to being a straight up weapon.

[quote=“Poony4u, post:13, topic:21662”]
I need to start using custom battles to test my leviathans. Only recently realized that I could do that.

I tried verifier it don’t make much a difference I don’t think, If they wants to sneak up on my levi that’s fine they only gonna die a sudden death and the longer the battle gets dragged out the more points/copper you earn. I had toadfish on my levi too once upon a time but my levi ain’t the type for weapons that are easily shot off. Toadfish will work well on fast moving CW levis but not slow levis like mine so it depends on the type of levi you got built.

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I agree with all of this. The range on Skadi looks impressive but then the bullet speed is so low that you can’t hit anything moving with it. I have tested it, and 1 fused +coldness Skadi does the same damage against frames as one unfused Firebug. Against everything that’s not a frame, Firebug and Draco far outpace it.

I can seek the perk being useful as a way to reduce opposing leviathan damage by 25 percent which gives your team an advantage. This is how I’ve seen it used in Clan Wars. Usually, there are two Skadis and a Spark or a Flash on an extremely tanky brick. This seems like an okay Clan Wars build but I haven’t seen anyone take over any games with it.


I think it can be useful to have one on a levi as well just one at least. Skadi is a very hard to be accurate with but a levi is such a big target that it should be easy to hit anyways and the bot ai is pretty accurate that It probably wouldn’t hurt to throw it one on the levi as well. It is only 4 energy so it can benefit both players and the leviathans from the perk.


The problem with that is that heat and cryo cancel out each other’s perks. I think the resistance debuff of cryo remains, but the secondary perk doesn’t (or maybe it’s the opposite, I can’t remember).

I’ve been experimenting more with electric weapons that effect the whole build, as the cryo resist debuff allows those electric weapons to do major damage to frames and pass through parts.
So flash, spark, Jubokko, Acari, annihilators, etc.

I’ve also tried combining skadi with melee, to help get through bumpers, but I haven’t had much success yet. The barrel is too long for me to get it into a good position to target the areas I need to. Eventually I’ll figure out a good layout.

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