Skadi still sucks

Triple skadi does 3200 dmg on dmg ball.
Triple remedy does 6000.

Even after taking off 25% for full skadi perk, remedy out damages it by 40%

Remedy has comparable dura (25 less)
Remedy is 247 kg lighter

Skadi has longer hitbox.

Buff skadi.


Lolwut? skadi has higher range, more firerate, AND more base ammo then remedy. Your high if you think it needs buffing.

This is a poorly crafted troll, right? I mean, Shirley you cant be serious right now…

Nerf fire and shotguns first and then see if skadi still sucks. It could be balanced but rendered unusable because it has to compete directly with OP weapons.

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I made a thread on it before back before it was buffed and it still sucks but ill chime in anyways

It has half the rate of damage of remedy and 1 third of firebug so firerate is meaningless

What’s the use of range if you can’t hit nothing. You got to judge by projectile drop and the long hose of ice just screens your view so you can’t see what your shooting at anyways. Then add all the boosting bricks zig zagging back and forth around you and landing anything on target is a total nightmare. Skadi accuracy is soo poor that you can barely hit even sitting ducks at range and the shots you do hit basically does nothing.

What’s the actual Dmg on the orb for Draco and Firebug?

I generally always went with fire was a little OP but I would like the see the numbers laid out and then looked at against similar energy consumption weapons. Working in things like ammo, limited angle, and range can come after that.

dont ever buff close range again, just nerf fire and shotguns


And say the reason?

because unlike fire weapons, skadi is used in horseshoe spiders where it does actually work pretty well and also because current close range weapons are atrocious and nobody likes them

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And they abuse it why?

abuse what why

Do you not understand the game physics of how things can be abused by armoring and blocking them in? :confused:

dont know what youre talking about right now

No one what’s to give up op weapons… So I’m sure you don’t.

Pretty much a face plant weapon IMHO. The perfect way to get snuffed out by a formable enemy…


Yep you use them right?

i dont use skadi, if thats what you mean

I meant the other fire weapons they are compared to.

no i dont use other fire wepons