Skadi vs draco

Draco does about 2.5x dmg of the skadi.

Yea I managed to make a build that can counter fire dogs with the skadi but it requires the skadis being on top. I go actively looking hunting down firedogs when running this build, finally managed to make a viable goliath/track build that is actually worth a damn lol and works best with the hippogrff.


Kudos to you for choosing a bunch of misfit toys and making something that “works” with them. SGs and MGs will eat it up but i could see it maybe working vs fire. That said, swap skadi for remedies and it prob does just a bit better.

Yea it don’t work that well against mgs but if i can wedge them i can get them. Best part about the skadi is that i can use the tracks to cover most of the hitbos because thats about the only saving grace of the skadi.

I think skadi be better for this type of build, You can really cover most of the hit box without ruining your firing angles with skadis and you can lay down support for your team while tanking shots as the skadis are really well armored except for the middle skadi, that’s the one that gets shot up the most.

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