Skill based weapons

What guns do you guys consider being skill based weapons? Basically weapons that if someone would do good with them in battle, you would think that the player has lots of skills, as opposed to the weapon itself being guaranteed wins and top scores no matter who uses it and how good/bad they are at it

For me it’s Argument, Phoenix, Kaiju, Corvo, Astraeus off of the top of my head

Rapier > Storm > Whirlwind
Median > Nagual
All Turreted cannons
All fixed angle cannons, maybe excluding Avalanche
All Rockets that do not lock on
All grenade launchers
Quasar > Pulsar
All crossbows
Tempura > Tachi
Mandrake + Heather
Incinerator + Jotun
Fortune > Ripper
Emily > Corvo (Corvo at a push, it’s a bit spammy for a hitscan)
Summator > Argument
Astraeus > Kaiju

That’s just going left to right in the tech tree, many weapons have their skill removed or lowered via camera steering. Lowered ones such as fixed angled weapons I have left in here but hitscan and spam weapons I have left out.

on console in pvp i rather use boom sticks now days

I looked at your list and… according to you I’m skilled. I use a good 75% plus of these weapons almost exclusively (heather/mandrake don’t get as much love as they used to though :pensive:), the only real exceptions being the joules on my sportscar and my minigun helis.

I do think the Ava has a fair bit of skill requirement though, but it’s how I use it that biases me to that opinion: I use it as it was intended, as a medium range artillery piece (ignore the ava hover, that’s for bedlam!) rather than an up-close assault build.

A lot of weapons I view as being on a scale of skill-based to not skill-based, the autocannons such as Joules/Cyclones aren’t as no-skill as many hitscan types due to their projectile speed and spread. I only didn’t list them because they tend to be used on camera steering builds and fall under the “just hold 1 fire button” category… Cyclones kinda ruined their rep but it could be worse.

I use MGs almost exclusively, and have for 6 years. But imma lump myself right on in the skilled category. I spend 42% of every match driving while looking backwards and going full speed, zigging and zagging between buildings and obstacles alike.

All of them take effort to get good at, while some can be a little more picky I can’t say any one in particular is harder to use if your good with a mouse or joypad already.

Any weapon that the forum considers to be a trash unusable weapon. The less popular it is, the harder it is to do well with.

Dove is a little weird to fit and use but it’s not really trash. I don’t normally call any of them trash though too.

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I get MVP with my incinerator/jokobo build pretty frequently.

Meaning, I do not think it is a high skill weapon. Not that it is easy to use, but to do really well with it requires decent teammates, but not too good, because then they will get all of the kills.

majority of people playing incinerator are turbo lobotomies so i would say its a skill weapon, its difficult to actually do well with it

Meh, try out fuel getter then get back to me.
As long as you are constantly doing damage, you will do well.

I have a fuel getter v2 that gets more kills but does less damage overall. It gets far fewer MVPs.

Flutes top the list, easily. But their red lasers means they are utterly useless. People are so good at dodging those red lasers you can troll teammates with them. They bounce around like inanimate objects when using the gravity gun in Garrys Mod.
Varun is another but I’m not trying to get hand cramps in my fun time.

I am most impressed when I see someone doing well with phoenixes. I love them, but they are very hard to be competitive with. Very satisfying when you do have a good match though!

ya it’s fun.

'it’s in the ‘super rare scores post’