Skinner suggestions

Anyone have any good suggestions of what I should do with my skinner?
I want to make something in the vein of Fury Road, but not sure exactly what. Any suggestions?

I used to play a build with a cloak, couple of boomsticks, borers, and Skinner. It was very low power score so easy to get a kill with it.

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I’ve got a Lancelot from an old crate, a borer, a couple buzzsaws, four lacerators, and a harvester. Doing a pure-melee skinner build might be fun, but what cabin? Yokozuna for the power? Aggressor for the speed and damage? Cerebus, because it’s neglected and needs some love?

Duster or Growl… something small, low PS and fast.

Duster isn’t that fast, but really easy to armor up.

Mines, maybe?

I’m resisting the urge to do a skinner mine truck, as that’s pretty much the only type of builds that I regularly see running skinners, and I’m bored of them. Plus, I only own one King, and I think they’re overpriced on the market currently.

I’d love to do a mixture of weapons, to really get that mad max feel. I might try a mixture of melee, a flamethrower, and some shotguns.

I have seen Skinners used to excellent effect on sausage leviathans, and also on Flash Harvester Griffon builds. The standard King dragger is absolutely top notch. 2 Skinners 2 Flash on a heavy build has been used to good effect in slowing down a rampaging leviathan as well.

The Skinner fusion for extra range is highly recommended if you wanted to sink some coins this fusion weekend.