Sky raiders are you on the level?

  1. Did you purchase a battle pass for sky raiders?
  2. Which battle pass did you purchase? $10 basic or $35 Deluxe pass?
  3. Did you purchase level increase? If so, how many?
    4 What level in Sky raiders did you reach before todays ending ?
  4. Did you complete every seasons missions form day one?

Got the basic version
Am currently at the tail end of 112
No extra levels purchased
Took a few days off. (not sure exactly how many but I’d go with near full week between days cut short and days completely off.)

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Yes the basic $10 pass.
Currently on 112, :roll_eyes:
No extra levels purchased.
Thought I had done every seasonal mission. I obviously missed something from the sound of it. :thinking: Not quite sure. Wished I could have made it to the end like they used to be designed.

I think they made the dailies count more with this one. There were a number of nights where I was like ok I had enough and am tired, where I was at get 4 badges but I had finished all my other dailies. Every weekly was finished though. I really wish the majority of the weight was on the weeklies though.

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So far from my friends list one of them has level 127. Still a far cry from level what 145? Disheartening to say the least. Not what it once was.

I wonder if it’s intentional or not all the time. There is a term for the decay of a platform service. I really get a good laugh out of it’s called enshitification, who ever coined it was fairly brilliant for the moment. If you haven’t ever heard the team just search it it’s rather funny.

I never really liked the bp system to start with, most games that rely on it are fairly trashy. I had hoped they would only use it to regulate pre-release into the game at interval but they went off on a crueler tangent.

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I bought the $35 pass plus 3-4 levels. I reached level 131. For my bearings, I bought a fused Helios, a fused Starfall and a fused Piercer.

For crafting, I made 2 Hummingbirds and 2 Petrels. I haven’t gone in big on crafting this pass. These rotors aren’t really for sale, they are just to be able to craft stuff in future mini passes without paying exorbitant prices.

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I think some of you are misunderstanding how they’ve changed how levels work in BPs.

For the first BPs, there was an actual ending, after which you couldn’t advance any further. Eventually they added the concept of BP resources (lighters, ball bearings, etc), which could be exchanged for items of your choice, and which you would continue to get with each level you unlocked after the main part of the BP was finished.
With the past few BPs, they have added extra rewards like crates mixed in with BP resources for many levels after the main BP has been completed, before eventually getting to the point where you only get resources.
So it’s not that they are cheating players from getting to the “end”. They have simply redefined what the “end” actually means.
What has stayed the same since the BPs were introduced is that anyone who buys the basic one can easily clear all the levels to get the basic parts, without worrying too much about the daily challenges. This is still true, but now people who want to buy the premium pass or who want to buy levels will get more BP resources, and can get more items as a result.
It doesn’t change anything for those of us that just buy the basic pass, but gives extra value to those who want to spend more.

Nope I did not and I am proud of that fact
The best there is, the not buying any of them and supporting how this game is being handled
Nope, even when I bought passes I never bought extra levels because that’s just such money milking
Level 87 without even trying or paying any attention to the challenges or completing them. I have to say it was the best two months in recent memory, I was already burned out from the forced grinding and being forced to play modes and builds you do not really want to play in the last battle pass I bought, the nothung huginn one
Nope, and it was so good to be free

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Can you stick with the base questions though for a portion of the answer?


To answer your questions…

  1. Yes I did…
  2. The Basic…
  3. No… I’m not made of Money…
  4. Yes I did…

P.S. I know this has been said before, but I wish they would continue the missions right to the end. I hate the : You have completed all the missions, there are no more updates…

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I have elite version , completed every day all missions and i am only lvl 84 i think…so wtf :man_shrugging:t3::face_holding_back_tears:

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Did you buy it late and not do the every week stuff?

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I have it in first couple days. And i did every main challange with subbscription also

It could be that you missed a lot of dailies then then do add up.

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After the lengthy down load of the latest new :cold_face: season. FINALLY more clarification on the extended unobtanium levels what I had been fuming about. They are being called “Bonus” after level #75 . Assuming bonus levels, For whom :money_mouth_face: :rofl:LOL but it is what it is. Welcome to the new normal. No thank you.

This was always the way, except that in the first BPs there were no bonus levels.

The BPs have been extended, not shrunk.

  1. Bought the Sky Raider pass.
  2. Deluxe
  3. I bought one level at end to get one more epic.
  4. Think I made it to like 142
  5. I do think I did every single challenge from day one maybe missed one or 2 days.

I just grind threw it with in 40 minutes the challenges unless its weekly reset may take a bit longer.

Kind of figured some reason the Starfalls was getting a buff so got 2 of them early on, Also got extra epic heli rotor (not humming bird), Also got a extra Cyclone upgraded already had one from mini pass.

Working to get to official clan wars before the game dies. I probably can already run it just need a clan that does it.

I bought the basic $10 pass and made it to level 112, iirc. I did as many of the daily seasonal challenges (the 200/275/325/375/475) as time permitted, which was most of them.

Will not be buying anything from this point forward. Since migrating to Windows 10 to satisfy EAC’s win 10 requirement, I have lag/latency that I never had under Windows 7. The only thing I can play is PVE for some reason; levi invasions, PVP, even bedlam, forget it. The only good day I’ve had in the past 2 weeks was on Tueday after they fixed the server issues; the game played fine. Then yesterday the lag/latency returned, and I can’t play competitively under that situation.

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