Sky Raiders: The Salvation Air Force (Donations Welcome)

Glad I’m an established kid with some mildly disposable income, because when I buy this Battle Pass, it will be out of the goodness of my heart, and respect for the work the developers have done beyond this edition of the Battle Pass, and not out of any desire for the content in it (directly).

Currently, I’m content floating about the air in my Thug, lobbing grenades from the sky at bots in patrol. I’m almost certain I could do that for a very long time (I think it’s mesmerizing), so tell me, what’s in this Battle Pass that I can’t afford to miss?

I appreciate the choppers (for free!), as they’ve revitalized my withering enjoyment of this game, but everything in this battle pass is going to put me at a power-score (for PVP) I don’t care to bother with. Why would I ?

I’m still in it for the duck (and charity), and I like the paints too, but beyond that, it seems too light on bling for me to care much. Where’s the decor (not really into the holograms BTW)?

I won’t use the legendary crap. I’ve been playing for years with no interest in legendary items at all. I’m totally lost as to why I should want them, and they have never added anything but sadism to my version of the game. I won’t touch that schit…so…what’s in it for me (besides the duck)?


The anti-homing missile flares should be useful.

And even though you don’t think you have use for legendary stuff, that minelayer thing looks really cool.

Cabin and gun are both cool, and seem like they could fit into your vibe.


I got all the paints from whales in the first 3 days… now to wait another 4 months


One Cool-Ass Duck: $9.99.

That’s all I’m seeing…I’ve got a long time to look at it, though. Maybe my perspective will evolve. A balance update for PVP would help that happen, probably.

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Except for the untradeable paint Dark Energy - It’s the one you get with the BP-exclusive helicopter. I was considering buying the basic BP just for that paint, but now, I don’t know. 2-3 players per helicopter battle isn’t worth it. Ground play broken for me because of a broken Omni, and not enough Clarinet missile flight time without +2 sec. from Hans (which would now need to be +4 sec. with the Icarus VII at 90 km/h - and that alone needs larger maps, to boot). Could as well quit Crossout at this point. I’m working on a few art projects, trying to sway the tide of Faction Wars in the Kaganate’s favor, and then I’ll see.

Oh, and it’s not cool making the BP duck untradeable, cause some would like to have more than one. So it’s just a trophy they unlock, and that’s it.

Tonight, only up to 2 Twitch Droppings-enabled streamers at the same time (out of a total of 3 that I saw), with a total of 600 viewers. While the Steam chart is now showing 5000 players. Which is a fraction of the total population. And round 2 of the Droppings event only started yesterday.

I would anticipate some balance patches and minor updates in the near future considering the relatively new territory this game is in at the moment. A lot has changed in a very short time. They could make things worse, I suppose, but I would expect more adjustments soon(ish) to the way things are currently.

There is a specter of cross-play looming about too. I’m sure that’ll effect the game in a lot of ways, but who knows how long that’ll take?

Thanks for helping push the Kaganate. I was wondering if this contest is segregated into PCs and Consoles.

The last time I played, this was the score (PC)…
I’ve assumed it is the same on consoles, ya?

There have to be 3 separate contests: the PC, the XBox, and the PS.

I started building a Blazed Bird sculpture. Should be able to make it fly. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t count paints that I have to buy with real money because that’s what Tragem want… I don’t have the Paint packs which cost crosscrowns and I don’t have some other event paints but everything I can purchase from the market I have except for 1 paint

I checked out your paint collection in the paint thread. That is an extremely impressive collection.

Is it this paint?
I could part with it for 10k

Nah I need Material: Rust… I’ve actually had 10k offers in for it and never got sold it… there must be so few available and even those with it won’t part with it

I got that one for 100c :sunglasses:


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I thought rust was in a pack right now. I’ve never even seen material: rust. Will check out. Corrosion is one of my favorite paints.

Yeah a PC only pack, sadly… would make my life way easier if we got those packs

I paid 1800 coins for Caramel Cloud. It is my second most expensive soccer paint behind Bright Greenery at 3000.

Well I started collecting last Christmas, so far my most expensive ones were Pattern Checkers for 10k, Pink Panther for 5k and then a few for 2k each