Sky Raiders Update changes - Suggestions

  • They need to boost turning rate by 16% (Note: The YAW of the helicopters)
  • Needs speed boost / buff by 10 km/h more then cab speed.
  • Tilt (PITCH and ROLL) of the helicopters should give you more acceleration in that angle your at in the moment.
    = PITCH tilt should be 22% more acceleration with forward or reverse at MAX tilt.
    = ROLL tilt should be a 18% acceleration boost in that tilt direction at MAX tilt.(Example the helicopter is tilted to the right should give you like a acceleration boost to the right by like 15% at least.)
    " I know the helicopters they are just trying to balance and be easier for all players, but it needs a few adjustments to make them more smooth and fun. "
  • Helicopters need about 15% more lift thrust too. I do a maneuver and I hit the ground.
  • Add Cross-play soon as possible to get rid of some bots. Its sad bots are more annoying then real players.
  • The “Humming Bird” (drone rotors) should stay the same there more like a drone helicopter. Maybe boost in turning rate too “YAW” by 12%.
  • Cannon bots should have a nerf at aiming at helicopters by 12% or reduce the cannon firing angle by 14%
  • Also feel we should get an actual free garage slot or two free slots for the helicopters and maybe it own saved tab for blueprints that are air based.

I feel it needs a patch the helicopters feel way to slow and clunky now. Same with turning / YAW they don’t turn no were near fast enough. Accelerations should be way faster then a hover I feel depending on your weight (MASS) of the vehicle.

One thing I will say is the new maps do look good.

Treat the helicopter mode like the test range building mode and silently forget the whole thing existed

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LOL right :stuck_out_tongue: I really love flying but feels like I am just a slow moving clunky object to be shot.

I get they wanted to make them nerfed some from the old ways but there just a big dart board now to bots and players.
How does others feel about it?

Ideally, helicopters shouldn’t be better than ground vehicles, so be careful what you wish for.
Currently, it’s not a problem playing wheeled builds in air combat PVP, and I hope it stays that way. The new big maps are really fun to drive on, but if helicopter are too good, it will only be bots on the ground.


I think it’s better to have the Helicopters launch a bit underpowered, see what player behavior is, then adjust appropriately.

The mode seems kinda… slow overall? I think some of it has to do with the larger maps. (I am perfectly fine with this trade off for a larger map).

1 rotor 4 way balanced boxes seem effective.

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Yeah I get that too. Already got destroyed in Clan Confrontation by flyers. Had no aim on them buzzing the top of me could not aim that high. Cyclones is what i was using but mounted standard but probably mount them so there turned 90* degrees

Yeah its not quiet that bad just paring the right stuff you get decent speed out of the heli’s

Honestly didn’t know you can use Flyers in Clan Confrontation. It was kind of messed up.

I don’t want to take away what others have mentioned. BUT…This is Crossout… AND…
CRAFT… I tried it. Add engines and other gear to your copter… it works… You get that lift and horse power…

But to address the changes you mention… first try to sup up your machine, then see what happens.

Thats my take on it, and if you bought the BP you do get better rotors… and gear…

AND I’m glad they fixed the Coptors in Con…

A final note… hopefully you understood what Patents Pending mentioned…adjust…

The ground builds seem to be dominating so far, too many places for them to hide unlike in off we go. Since this mode released I scored countless 3000 plus point matches in a cyclone spider. There is too many areas to take cover from air builds and if I did add a rotor it would be only to get from point A to point B and then switch to ground mode to take cover and farm bots which there seems to be a lot of in this mode.

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Helicopters can be ruthless in clan confrontation if your guns have limited firing angles. It happened to me I was forced to self destruct because nothing i could do.

It just depends on how ya buzz people to if ya try to stay over top of them makes shooting them much harder or just crazy erratic maneuvers also works pretty good dodging shots of course.

But yes engines do help an even seen someone with boosters. I am not really a booster fan though.
Yeah still early honestly to make an a full opinion. Sure big clans will start figuring out best things to do and then can find out if its too powerful or not.

So I admit maybe my top remark suggestion maybe nice sounding to the fly boy but I should give it time to see a bit more first. Then we will see how balance it is to the land vehicles. :slight_smile:

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I am thinking helis need a buff, maybe a free aegis when in chopper mode and I tell yea why. For starters I mainly play 2 spider builds in this mode one has cyclones and the other has thyrus/adapter combo and both are equally as effective. I’m just consistently mopping the floor match after match playing solo even against top queued up clans flying helicopters. I am scoring well over 3000 points 1 for every 5 matches, that is no exaggeration.

Here are the reasons I am doing so well playing solo in my ground spider:
1.Lots of places to take cover while helicopters are almost always in the open getting shot at from every angle.
2.Lots of underground bases or bases inside buildings where bots gravitate to for easy kills. I think most bots tend to go for B I do believe which is also the most sheltered base.
3.Immune to being one shot by cannon bots that players flying helicopters seem to be complaining about
4.Less exposed weak points. I run falcon and notice that a lot of these helicopter has explodey bits in some really exposed places. A lot of them also need tails to to be able to maneuver properly and that is a weak point in and of it self.
5. Ground builds are more power score efficient. On average the choppers I’m facing have bloated powerscore simply due to the fact of having to carry more movement parts. If they want to alternate between flying and playing on the ground they are going to have to make sacrifices on they’re builds.
6. Air builds have no way to take cover from the air turrets that are on some of the maps.

I realized really quick that this is not like off we go. For starters there were more players on average playing off we go with a lot of matches even being full but this time around there is not many actual people playing. To point out the obvious is that off we go had 3 maps with 2 being wide open which favored choppers and that snow map is also not that bad for helis but was the worst of the 3 for using a chopper which is the only map that they brought back from that event.

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I’m kind of annoyed that co-drivers don’t seem to be working on copters. I haven’t tested them all yet but the ones that I have didn’t even show up.

I pretty much just have always just skipped extra movement parts on my heli builds (past events and current so far). It only really hurts when capping. I like trying to keep the PS as low as possible but above seal clubbing.


I think it’s good that ground builds are relatively strong against helicopters. Hopefully more ground players will join helicopter mode and we can have more full matches.
It’s good to preserve the relevance of ground builds.


This is more or less what all my matches are like. I got a 7.2k cyclone build as well with similar results and same bot to player ratios as compared to my 12.3k thyrus build so don’t matter which ps I play at. This mode is so soft it ain’t even funny even against players who I would normally consider really good players. In the first video bov_hexus most likely gets shot at by a tsunamis bot or something and just crash lands in front of me for an easy kill which was pretty hilarious to witness lol.

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Honestly I think it sucks… I keep giving the mode tries and every time I play it I wonder why they wasted so much time on this pile of shit.

It’s fucking awful

The only thing that kind of makes the Heli matches sucky to me is too many AI weapons on an enemy team. Mainly homing missiles. I feel like all I do some matches and I didn’t play a ton since getting home the other day is dodge them and as soon as I finished with one volley another volley would get launched. They probably should have made multiple rarities of the flares with different numbers of volleys.

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Nothing works because lock ons and hitscan are just objectively the best thing to use, anything else is detrimental and there’s no cover in the sky so there’s no real skill or tactics to any of it

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I’m glad to see somebody kickin’ arse at a relatively low PS with equipment I mostly have. Poony4u keeps telling me I need to try the mode from a ground vehicle, but I’m not listening…I’m not always a good listener. I need to be a better listener.

The missile spam in PVP is just a total turn-off, but, contrary to what many had supposed prior to this update, aerial vehicles don’t look like they are dominating the ground vehicles as mercilessly as we had anticipated…at least not in your video.


Yea when more people gets that fht-3 flock I say air vehicles will be a little bit better off from the rocket spam. Yea right now ground vehicles are really dominating for the most part especially ones with ranged weapons.

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I just use 2x upgraded crickets with steppe, re-loader, upgraded ext ammo, hotred, upgraded detector… Very little armor sitting around 6.2k-ish with 1.5k hp. I just wish I was getting the bonus ammo from the co-driver working without it is a pain with such a small batch of ammo.

Skill is nominal just out maneuver them if possible, the smaller the heli is the better the turning radius is. The lock-on stuff is a pain though it really sucks the fun out of it.

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