Sledgehammer hitbox

Is it just me or is sledgehammer almost impossible to strip by non-explosive atacks? Its incredibly easy to shield due to its hight and small hitbox. It seems it would be nice if sledgehumemr was lowered by 1/4 of the cube, so it gets as hard to shield as vector or therm.
Or other weapons should be aligned on 1-box collision?

Never had a problem with sledge hammer.

They are a very small gun though.

yes, but for how small they are you can shield them behind almost any 1-box armor piece. That doesnt work for many bigger weapons.

I wish it did. The main “perk” I look for in a weapon, or any part for that matter, is how easily I can build stuff with it. The actual perks I care little about. I’m more concerned with how comfortably it will fit into any given design than any bonus feature it might have.

I like the nail guns for this reason. They hit pretty hard if you’ve got rhythm, and yet they still can be armored around easily, and maintain a wide radius of fire. They’re perfect for my purposes, usually.

I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with Fuzes for similar reasons. They can be difficult to plant (derp A.I.), but obviously easy to conceal in your build. I got sick of my guns getting shot off at some point too. Decided, Fkit. Drones.

Having said that Hulks seem to rip the meat off a lot of builds and don’t need a lot of armor, but can be easily reinforced by either a module or fenders, or whatever. I like hulks. The games audio when using those things is plenty thrilling, IMO. I didn’t think I’d like cannons, but it’s hard not to have fun with Hulks.

Personally, I can’t often get matches within any power-score that Sledgehammers would be effective at. However, I did last night (there’s not usually enough traffic) and got MVP with them. But, my name is DocSavage, and I know Kung Fu.

Maybe they’re OP. IDK, but messing up their hit box isn’t the answer, IMO. Improving the others is what I’d rather see. Buff build mode.

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They are. My code of honor prohibits use of sledgehammers in PvP or joing team with those who do. Using sledgehammers is like peeing with toilet seat down - not illegal, but good people dont do it. Any shotgun player is a lesser being in my book, not deserving to be loved or befriended.

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I used to think Boom-Sticks were pretty evil. Then I got some for myself. I still think they are probably still pretty wicked, but I don’t often feel sorry for my targets, who are frequently melee.

I know what you mean, though; the META. Some losses feel like you got cheated by exploits and wonky developer magic, but personally I think I pour enough fluff on my builds to give anybody in PVP a fair chance.

Too much? I was going for Camero, but do you think that’s a seal-club? I think the matchmaker thinks so. I don’t.

If it was Clan Wars, I think I’d be less forgiving, take it more seriously, and just go with the exploits and wonky developer magic. In PVP I don’t care if I loose half the time, and if I’m winning too much, I feel like that’s room to add sparkles and decor, and that’s what I’ll do until I start loosing a bunch.

We have a “code” in the wasteland?

As a Mad Min-Maxer my brain can’t even wrap around the idea of that. (Thanx Doc for the name lol)

To each their own sir :slight_smile: but Your going to miss a lot of the game thinking like that.


I thought Joust-rods were very despicable after they made me spill my coffee a few times. Same with missiles, because they’re sort of aim-free. Then I tried them myself. I found success with them wasn’t always that easy. Some players just made it look easier than it really is…and they were a lot of fun

I can’t say I feel that way about the Melee-Small-Tracks builds, though. Those are pretty mindless, merciless and straight forward, IMO, but then that’s why I have Boom-Sticks. Problem solved.

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Does it suck to get lanced? Sure. Is it a fun play style? hell yeah.

Sometime it works out well and sometimes it works out horribly. There are for sure good Lance players and bad ones.

Same thing with guided rockets, I think it is easier to hit someone with a canon then a rocket sometimes. There are so many counters to rockets, flash/spark kills them, MG shot them out of the air, stealth removes lock, gryphon perk removes lock, duck behind a rock, and so on

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It’s pretty hard to hit a lot of weapons most of the times, because aiming in crossout is a bit wonky, as in your guns aim in a straight line, but you yourself are floating behind your car and looking downward. There was a neat mspaint image explaining this in the old forum but basically if your build rides low enough compared to the enemy and your enemy had their guns hidden well, or they just are positioned back far enough, you could be aiming at them but not hitting them at all, which can be a real pain if the thing stopping your shots is a cabin rather than something you could eventually shoot off

I am aware of parallax error, but vector vs sledgehammer is an obvious comparison - one has to aim precisely and account for the deviation, the other can tape the LMB down.

It just means you dont get any plot armor and are expected to die in a self-caused explosion right before my fight with the “big evil boss” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lets be honest - because of all the seal clubbing, there are almost no more seals - I dont remember the last time I saw somebody at 5k PS who wasnt just smurfing (look for high fraction-lvl parts). Low PS should be extremely forgiving and slower to accomodate new players - but XO is what it is - wasteland where mad sadists are beating down any newcomer before he even gets a chance to loose his innocence.

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And the ones that make it out of the fire fly high and bright like a phoenix, this is the way.

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No, they are keeping the cycle of B-holery alive by passing the misery on to the next generaiton as any good bulley does. XO is on the higher end of player toxicity. Not worst, but abvoe average at least - there is reasonable amount of cursing and blaming from players at the bottom end of the mission list.

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dont forget maces to, their damage output is ridiculous. they can strip you before you can get even 1 gun off and they can be hidden behind a cabin as it peeks over the back and can still hit you. unfair imo.

Have you played Rust? Or Ark?

I used to play a bunch of full loot MMORPGs, and this stuff is kids play in comparison.

I do get what your saying :slight_smile: but XO is just that type of game. With such a hardcore grind and little game content your going to attract that type of person.

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