Slight peeves you have about the game

Slight annoyances you have that do not fall into any specific category like specific parts or playstyles etc. It can be as petty or small of a thing as imaginable

Repeating the same map, getting the same map twice in a row can be surprisingly annoying, most of the times it’s not a map you like so being made to play it twice can be a bit of an annoyance


the seeming abandonment of Adventure Mode. I mean, I like it a lot but when I get to one of the gates along the borders of the map, I get a little peev’d that I can’t go any further or, at least, instance into another region.


How my rewards have been cut repeatedly month after month.

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My pet peeve is Sector EX. I hate that map. I wish they would take it out of rotation until it is redone or something. The warehouse corridoors are too narrow, and everyone gets bunched up in them. You can’t hover, you can’t rush the map and it is too small for spiders. There is no comfortable way to play it.


Same, but it makes them no money. And that alone was more then enough reason for them to give up on it, for a ‘passion project’ they seem to put more passion to stray from creativity when it comes pve modes.

I mean they don’t have to but it feels one sided

my pet peeve is when im aiming at an enemy and either a player or a bot moseys in front of my shot, rams the enemy out of my incinerator fire or just gets in my way in general by ramming into me or just walking in front of me (bots are infamous for doing this).

yes i have to agree with this. they had big plans for adventure mode but just walked out on it.
and for the guy who said “it makes them no money” gee it sure would make them money if they… i dont know… put some TIME AND EFFORT into the mode instead of abandoning it outright! they had all these plans for it but instead just flipped the bird at it and walked away. the mode couldve been amazing if they had put more time and effort into it. spread across multiple areas and even had additional challenges and activities to do. there is still potential there, they just wont take a chance on it.


…and so WTF are we?



WE are of a higher order. (flashes the secret handshake)

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Wheels. We have all these super scifi parts and every single one of them has full reverse speed unconditionally while wheels have almost none, and wheels do not have independent steering. We already have all wheel steering in XO. Its just a matter of having the axles steer the other way when you want to achieve diagonal driving w/ wheels. Wheels in this game are so artificially hamstrung and then buffed to insane amounts with durability and mass opposed to just making them more capable.

IRL all wheel steering will become super meta the moment some country rolls out something like a BMPT Terminator or M2 Bradley except on a hybrid electric all wheel steering chassis that can strafe. Its only a matter of time before 4-6 wheeled omnidirectional mars rover looking IFV’s with autocannons and guided missiles are a reality. IDK why this doesn’t exist in Crossout.

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Good question

Map reworks, I have yet to like a single reworked map more than what it was before said rework.

How all relic guns are only pre-existing gun +heating or +explosion

How All uranium is still locked behind clan wars

Only 1 raid slot for plastic and wires, leading to you not getting to grind said resources that much because the specific raid is one of the pain in the butt to even play ones instead of steel cradle and the next raid reset is when you can’t play the game, all the while we have 2 copper raids on top of leviathan invasion

About every decision in recent memory supposed to make the game better, like supercharged, armor change, forced group play and clan shenanigans and inclusion of helis

Raids in general
Having to play raids
When a battle pass is going on you’re weekly forced to play guns, builds and styles you do not want to (I can’t believe how much fun I am having with the game not purchasing the heli pass and being able to play whatever gun or build I want when I want, rather than worrying doing all challenges and forced grinding with builds and guns I am not having any fun with)

The general greediness and money milking

General chat is a cringefest when you’re trying to focus on building something
Anything involving social platforms like discord and reddit
Invisible walls in bedlam, when there are clearly jump pads placed in front of places so you can get up there, but the walls prevent you from doing it
Raid maps in bedlam
No new maps in bedlam
Long battlepasses and lighters/bearings/whatever they want to call it next it’s all the same poop in different package
Poor weapon quantity in battle pass lighter/bearing rewards outside the main pass weapons, it’s always the same cyclones etc with the same fusions

The new voice lines are kinda annoying, I did not like the original ones either but the new female ones are even worse. I already have to “listen” to teammate complaints all match if I accidentally glance at the chat window, having the voiceover at the end of a lost match to go “Is there anything I can trust you with!?” is just one more added annoyance and no, it does not make me want to try harder, it makes me want to close the game which I will do after enough of it

Any time price corridors prevent you from buying/selling an item that you want to buy or would be willing to sell to a potential buyer but the game just says no

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