Slow burn to the end

After this update and the direction this game seems to be heading towards, I’ve decided to gamble my last bit of saved up coins to fuse another set of purple weapons and straight up give up on owning any more items as I now have weapons and cabs for multiple playstyles, even if mostly in the purple category.

I’m not going to fall for their forced relic acquiring need and forced clan wars involvement to boost up the statistics of active players that they are trying to do with the relic generator and possible other future relic parts, and I am not even going to bother with future packs, battle passes or trying to achieve more fused legendaries,

I’ve basically lit up the candle that is the life expectancy for this game for myself and made the conscious decision that once it burns out I am not going to buy another candle because the candles are not worth it. Devs are already killing their own game by the looks of it and every update and decision leading to and after supercharged so better to minimize losses once this whole turd sinks because they’re in the milk it dry until it collapses mindset

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You were already thinking about it weren’t you?