Small message window new location

So I don’t know if it’s a thing that was changed for everyone or if mine’s just bugged since nobody talks about it, but they relocated the small message/notification window that pops up about absolutely everything. It used to be in the upright corner, but now they moved it lower so instead of getting in the way of checking current season things in garage, it now gets in the way of choosing blueprints or accessing that specific area of your inventory. Really annoying, I’d say this new location is even worse than the one before, even if that too was already annoying when after a battle you wanted to access the current season reward and crafting menu but could not as the game gave you 3-4 pop-up windows about important things like “YOU HAVE FINISHED BATTLE” or “YOU HAVE COMPLETED CHALLENGE” or “YOU HAVE BOUGHT/SOLD ITEM” and “SOMEONE LIKED YOUR BLUEPRINT”

Just really annoying and who needs this small message window anyway?


Yes, they could ditch that crap entirely and I’d be fine with it, but they ought to have at least moved it to the other side, if they were going to move it at all.

It is very annoying, and worse now, I agree.


yup,it was fine before this…

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