* Small update, 01.03.2023 ✅

Small update, 01.03.2023

  • Implemented a number of changes and improvements for the operation “Radiance”:
    • Updated the Ravagers vehicle blueprints: added the “Hatchets” against cars with hovers.
    • The durability of the towers that must be destroyed during one of the stages has been reduced by 500 pts.
    • The waiting time before the gates open in the last stage of the battle has been reduced from 60 to 45 seconds.
    • Now, in order to complete one of the challenges, you need to complete 2 battles in the operation.
    • Now, in order to complete one of the challenges, you need to destroy 8 opponents.
    • Now, in order to complete one of the challenges, instead of disabling terminals, you need to score 350 points 2 times per battle.
    • Now, after completing a stage, players have 20 seconds to leave the area of its completion. After that, the vehicles start to heat up and take damage.
    • Fixed a bug where a terminal being deactivated by several players at the same time would cause the gates to remain closed.
  • Implemented a number of improvements for the new world map:
    • Reduced the frequency and intensity of the static effect on the map.
    • Improved the artwork of the new map.
    • Improved the interface of the mode windows, the layout of texts and icons.
    • Fixed the displayed position of the “Bedlam” mode on the map.
  • Now the challenges of the event pass are updated once every 24 hours.
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to interact with chat messages.
  • Fixed a bug where a tooltip with a faction’s current reputation level could freeze and be displayed instead of other tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips were not shown in the “Game Center” section settings.
  • Fixed a bug due to which players didn’t see the effects of fire puddles from allied projectiles.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the “Rules” button to not work in the window that informs you about a car part that is forbidden in the mode.
  • Improved a number of in-game texts.

Nice to see that they realized how unfair of an advantage hover bros had, I suggested the hatchet thing not too long ago to fix how hovers could sit on a ravager’s head like a hat and not be infected!

This is nice and all but not gonna change anything, people are all gonna just focus on the ravagers and not even try to shoot the bloody towers most of the time!

This is way too little of a reduction as it shouldn’t be a gate at the end let alone a timed one, 45 seconds is still too long, anything over 15 seconds is silly and too long, 10 seconds would be great if the devs wanted an unnecessary timed gate at the end!

I assume this is the task of destroying 20 peeps in this mode that they reduced to 8. If so that’s good as drunks and :clown_face: flood this mode and it’s extremely hard to do these tasks!

About bloody time, none of these goofy kill farmers (hovers) running back to the start of the map like they’re :baby: looking for :baby_bottle: :milk_glass: from their mama’s

Thank you! This was an extremely annoying bug that wrecked this game mode

Is this a google translate issue when the devs translated from Russian? 350 points 2 times per battle … HUH?
No clue why they changed it other than it was the easiest task to do to deactivate a terminal at the first gate as half the people stayed at the spawn shooting off at the ravagers!
So that didn’t need to be fixed.

And for the rest of that stuff good on them to try to fix it, I say try as I wouldn’t be surprised by fixing these bugs they don’t create new ones :joy:

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This is effectively removed 24 hours from event challenge rotation. Just… Why? Trying to lock out rewards for those who don’t want to buy levels?

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But it’s still:

  1. ST wheels with 50% less grip,
  2. on snow and ice - as opposed to last year, without snow or ice,
  3. against the Icarus VII that still flies at least 2 blocks too high, at up to 95 km/h.

I have a theory the advantage gap between hovers and wheels has been increased in order to cultivate a favored class of players. So that new players could easily see that the Icarus VII has a big advantage against wheels, and they’d readily spend money, either on the Creation pack, or on some crosscrowns, to then buy coins, to buy some hovers, as well some higher-tier weapons to go with those, e.g., the Destructor, which is still OP.

This should’ve been done before the event started.

It has definitely reduced the amount of Irises that can be obtained with just the BP. Thus perhaps serving as an incentive to buy levels.

Instead of apologizing and rolling back to the old map, which looked like an improved version of the new map, they just pretend they were right, ignoring the deluge of complaints. Typical Tard’em.

With the previous map, one glance told me:

  1. The raid location. Useful for those whose raid vehicles didn’t do well in some of the maps. It also made it easier to avoid the Fortress on Sundays, especially soon before the reset. When the ‘Sunday warriors’ wake up, the Fortress becomes particularly hazardous, turning plastic raids into hard raids.
  2. The raid type.
  3. The raid dificulty.

Now I need to click some more, which isn’t a big issue, but it’s disappointing that the map change had to happen.

One thing the previous world map was missing was coloring the raid icon to show what faction was in that raid. That’s the only thing that could have been changed, but it only occurred to me now, after the better world map was sent to a gulag, to join the co-drivers. (Btw. I’m still missing Hans and his +2 sec. flight time to the Clarinet.)

I hope I can now always see my own fire puddles.

This update, for me shows the devs do actually listen to complaints and do their best to address them.

I know for the ne’er do well crowd, that’s tantamount to blasphemy.

I don’t recall a mini-update so laser focused on addressing complaints of players.

But yeah… they should’ve done this… this won’t work, that’ll make things worse…
I’m thankful I don’t have that disposition anymore.


I’m thankful for these changes, no clue why the change to the overworld map is such an issue with folks, doesn’t effect how I play the game

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Hey they actually listened to us. WOOT


Actually it did as per match only 3 people could get it in a match with 10 players on that team, and two enemies.

Meaning if you get ravager you where SOL.

this one is to prevent quit outs.

That’s good and all but it still is confusing what they mean, do they mean do 350 damage twice or do 700 damage in one game?!

looks pretty inclusive doesn’t it?

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350 damage in two different games.

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apparently i get no challenges


We all don’t get it. I guess they just don’t want us to play the event :man_shrugging:

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I’m a new player, I don’t have the parts in this BP, so I bought this BP after calculating.
But now the BP rewards have shrunk significantly.
I originally calculated that I could reach lv.56.

ceil((23*24+12-16)/20)*1650/1000+10.25( February 24th UTC) = lv.56.45

this means Omamori+Kami+Miller*2.
It’s only lv.47 now.
And I still don’t have new challenge for today.


For anyone that thinks the devs don’t listen… this is proof they do. Thank you dev team!

BUT, they only react to things that are to their benefit. They see all, but most of this is all a plan made in a marketing boardroom.

They fix what they need to fix to make the plan work. Beyond that, Meh.

Oh yeah :slight_smile: THANK YOU all seeing eye!


Indeed. Here is your example of pay to win.

I am actually curious what i paid for. To be locked out from event later? It’s a scam.

Think is, even if you pay, you still need to pay more to win. Another day without challenges and event progression.

on reddit they said that skipping 2 days of challenges was intentional because we werent supposed to get them every 20 hours

But then it’s developers fault, and their problem. They afraid someone get some extra irises and won’t pay any more sweet $? Again, their problem. Also, no official announcement about retroactive restriction. This is VERY BAD decision, as they fail to deliver even stuff they promised.
I mean event rewards are already mostly junk, but i am a new player, and need new toys to play with. And what’s the point of ticking timers if they show wrong values again?