Small update, 08.09.2022

Balance changes

M-37 Piercer

  • Time to overheating reduced by 15% (now the machine gun overheats faster).
  • Durability reduced from 133 pts. to 125 pts.

Comment: for a weapon of “special” rarity, this machine gun is too effective for the 5000 - 7000 PS levels.

Summator and Argument

The scatter mechanic of these weapons has been reworked:

  • Significantly reduced the spread when firing single shots.
  • Removed the spread caused by the weapon rotation.

Comment: the changes should increase the versatility of both nailguns at medium range.

Prosecutor 76mm

  • Firearms damage (damage from a projectile hitting the part) increased by 10%.
  • Blast damage increased by 15%.

Executioner 88 mm

Firearms damage (damage from a projectile hitting the part) increased by 25%.

Cricket 1M

Explosion radius increased by 15%.

Comment: changes to the cannons and “Cricket” were implemented due to their low effectiveness in battles and should increase their popularity.


Explosive projectile impulse reduced by 20%.

Comment: “Miller” is extremely popular in battles on medium PS levels, where the mass of an armoured car is relatively low, and the explosive projectile’s impulse affects the balance too much.


  • Improved the matchmaking system. Fixed the situations where players with few rating points could be connected in the same match with players from the higher leagues.
  • Fixed a bug when the ball could fly out of the field on the left side of the blue gates.
  • Improved the description of the “Legend” league in the “All rewards” window.
  • Improved the model of the Steel championship cup.
  • Fixed a bug when the “Damage counter” decor didn’t count the damage dealt by wheeled drones.
  • Removed display of the blueprint validation from the event window.

Kind of sad about this that made it so much more fun… It’s kind of a shame they can’t the scale effect to PS rating.

This should make Steel Championship playable. I love the rewards, but keep getting trashed by three man 1000 point hitsquad teams. I have put a bit of time into this mode and am only at level 9.

Of course, because I just fused 2 more recently to try something new, thanks!

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same here.
BTW price for Piercers dropped significantly even before announcment - did we miss something?

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