* Small update 13.06.2024

Small update 13.06.2024

  • Fixed a bug that caused instant weapons cooldown if the “Lucifer” rocket revolver was mounted in combination with certain other parts.
  • Fixed a number of bugs that caused the “Hadron” cabin perk to work incorrectly.
  • Improved the model and animations of the “Morta” force cannon.
  • Improved the effect of the flying projectile of the “Morta” force cannon.
  • Improved the animations of the “Lucifer” rocket revolver.
  • Fixed a bug when the explosion effect of the “Lucifer” rocket disappeared when hitting bumpers, weapons and hardware.
  • Improved the model and textures of the “Manica” parts.
  • The cost of using “rare” faction workbenches is now 3 coins again.
  • Improved the painting mask of the “Cyclops” recharge booster.
  • Improved the painting mask of the “Aquilo” radiator.
  • Fixed a bug when the geysers disappeared from the map “Naukograd” in the “Patrol” mode.
  • Hitting the enemy with the “Morta” force cannon now charges the perk of “Jay” and “Billie” co-drivers.
  • Fixed a bug when the “Not tradable” icon disappeared from the parts in storage that can’t be traded.
  • Fixed a bug when raiders could not leave the spawn zone on the “Orbital station” map.
  • [Console] Fixed a bug that caused receiving the incorrect version of the upgraded “Lucifer” from the reward scale (+25% to rate of fire instead of 10%). The weapon will be automatically switched to the correct one after logging into the game.
  • Fixed a number of bugs in the “Awakening” mode.
  • Improved a number of in-game texts.

I hereby authorize these updates.


Ok, so they can change it… they just don’t really want to.

Although it’s now labeled as a “tutorial” in challenges, so that might be why.

“Oh no, my ultra mega op craft what deals 999999999999 DPS is now fixed, this game bad, you should kys gaijin!!!”

(Keep yourself safe)

i thought it was humorous how you could turn the fatman into a machinegun LOL. its a shame thats gone but man it was funny. still i can get my fatman to fire quickly without the need for the lucifer… maybe not as fast as the lucifer but still enough to be a threat lol.