Small update, 23.08.2023

Small update, 23.08.2023

  • Improvements for the “Steel championship”:
    • Goalkeeper shield cooldown increased to 20 sec.
    • Reduced the radius of the goalkeeper’s protective shield.
    • Shield active time reduced to 1.5 sec.
    • Now the base game lasts 4 minutes and overtime lasts 2 minutes.
    • Corrected the design of the “Steel championship” banner in the garage.
    • Now, self-destruction doesn’t deal any damage to your opponents’ cars.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect language filter results in the clan search window.
  • Fixed a bug where the earned “Confrontation” rating was shown in the battle history for a player without a clan or band.
  • Fixed a bug where battles in “Confrontation” were counted as battles in other modes.
  • “Confrontation” battles will be counted correctly with the next season.
  • Added pop-up tooltips with descriptions for the “Confrontation”, “Clan war”, “Amount of battles” and “Activity” columns.
  • Now, when disbanding a clan, it gets removed from the leaderboard.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with incorrect display of the clan window design.
  • Improved the “League rewards” window: added explanatory tips on the requirements for moving from league to league.
  • Now the “Mr. Wu” and the background for the steel league are correctly displayed in the general list of items for profile customization.
  • Fixed incorrect placement of some trees on the “Engineer garage” map.
  • Improved a number of in-game texts, descriptions and icons.
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Not really as extensive of an update as I’d like, as far as the clan thing goes, but it’s a good start.

As it turns out, things were indeed broken, and people weren’t confused, failing, or struggling to make sense of this new system because they couldn’t read, were too lazy, or whatever. There were, and are actual issues.

The emperor was indeed naked.

Cheers, to this clan gig getting even a little better, and to the emperor at least putting on some pants.

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Thank you dev team!

Really hoping this fixes my issues. I want to participate!

Wheres scoring system in steel champ fix? I won a game did 4 goals and get-2 pts, whats that ffs?

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Lol, it still hasn’t fixed my issue. Still can’t score any activity.

I did however manage to send a bug report, so I guess that’s progress!

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Baby steps.

It’ll probably take months before this format is carved into something the community at large sees fit for consumption. Maybe longer.

If I was to borrow some of your optimism, I might say that this is at least a starting point for a feature that has the potential to fulfill three of the community’s most frequent requests: More Modes, improved Clan wars, and evenly matched PVP with no bots.


You hit the nail on the head with that last part.
I’ve been saying for years that the clan system needed to be changed so that people like you and me might actually participate in it. I wasn’t expecting it to be so brute force, but this is a Russian game after all.
And whether you like confrontation battles or not, they definitely feel very different from normal PVP, and they’re also very different from CW battles. It is a new PVP mode that definitely deserves to be permanent.
But suffering through a glitch that is preventing me from participating in the new system is really stretching my patience, and I am an extraordinarily patient person.

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This 100%

It is faaaaaaaaar from perfect.

But let’s figure out what we got - make it work for now AND also push for changes.

Or we could be little B’s and try to burn things down around us.

Some of these dudes that acted like they liked the game and tried to destroy it - screw those guys.


Well, I thought you might like that part. I was doing my best to channel you, and see things from your perspective; an optimistic and moderate one. What would Poony4u do?

If I look at it from an artistic perspective; creating new things never starts with a finished product. The body of this work is probably too big to finish in one update, and as we’ve seen they have still been working on it, and released an update today. I suspect there will be more, and this system will end up being shaped as we go along, which is consistent with the beta test like nature this game has always had.

They are tough SOBs with an odd penchant for gruel. They are also artists, and we DGAF about discomfort when it comes to the creative process. I don’t know about you, but for me, blood is an acceptable price for creation, and many artists live a life of suffering by choice or by fate.

Maybe this is the reason there is no other game like it? Who’s got the balls to do it? Anybody? Why haven’t they then?

Creating Skyrim, for example, was a decade of hell for the creators, I hear. Some of them still don’t appear to have recovered.

In this game, we appear to be part of that development team…like lab rats.

It can be rough. I keep wishing they’d just fix it and leave it alone.

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Small update for sure, they didn’t update their error with lowering the resources you got but sure did heighten the lag this game produces, and it ain’t on my side I’ve had the wifi provider for years and same plan apart from updating it to newer tech but before these devs went full gimme your money this game had no issues like it does now

I suspect there will be lag issues for a bit, because I think they are still tinkering with this update. There could be other reasons, but it’s not unusual to experience more lag right before and after an update.

It’s weird, but sometimes I get parts of the update before they are officially announced. They ninja nerf stuff too, of course. Point is, I think they got a dumpster fire going on, and they are probably tinkering with crap in the background periodically to get it under control, but some regions always have issues, and ya, it’d be nice to see an improvement there.

I had a moment or two just now that was pretty bad. Very glitchy at first.

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Yup, this is true and I’ve said this before but certain other forum-goers claimed it was my internet provider, even though like you said it only happens around the time they push out poorly implemented updates

They also randomly add invisible walls to maps. change stuff in our garages, etc

I wouldn’t mind it so much if I wasn’t pressing the w key then all the sudden my car turns randomly, my guns don’t fire or they shoot 30 secs after I pushed the fire button
That stuff does affect my scores, which effects my resource gathering and which also might set people of to begin to troll me, this has happened

Here’s a weird glitch: Often, when I switch builds, I will get a pop-up that says I have “Insufficient parts to assemble this blueprint,” but it then says that I have potential replacement parts, gives me a list of parts I’ve always had, and that the build was assembled with in the first place, and asks me if I’d like to use those parts “instead.”

It’s usually things like paints or stickers, but not always. It’s like somebody goes into my inventory at night, sells my crap, and then buys new ones to replace the old ones. My account’s coins never change, and there is no sales history, but that is essentially what the result is. It’s like the game seems to think I sold my cab and then bought it back, and the cab that I thought was always in my inventory, the game thinks is new and different, but it’s not, or shouldn’t be.

I get that too, but normally I get it when I upgrade a part of add a CK to it not just randomly
I find at least with my inventory if I keep an item long enough they set it as untradable, that happens to me all the time as I don’t compulsively buy and sell all my inventory