Small update, 25.04.2023

  • In the “Spring mayhem” brawl, the destruction of your vehicle now has twice less negative impact on your final rating.
  • Vehicle “Artillerist” (“Spring mayhem” brawl): increased the power of the cabin and the vehicle’s maximum speed, reduced the reloading time of “Heathers” by 1 sec. and increased their durability.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the starting camera to appear under the surface on the “Tank range” map in the “Spring mayhem” brawl.
  • Fixed a bug with the absence of a new music track in the “Spring mayhem” brawl.
  • The data on battles played in old PvP missions has been restored and is again included in the total number of battles in your statistics.

Oh look I called it! I said a few days ago that they’d somehow “fix” the scoring system and call it a bug, looky here :rofl:
This happens too often for it to be a bug Targem/Gaijin, it’s done on purpose!

Hopefully with this small update will the horrendous lag that I’ve been experiencing the past few days


It’s a repeated and predictable pattern at this point, isn’t it?

It’s also why I have stopped paying for a BP until I complete ever level.

I won’t be paying for the mini-one currently in game. It offers next to nothing I’d ever want. A fused autocannon to sit with the other one I already haven’t used in years? Yawn.

what is this? and why is this?

am i the only one who doesn’t know?:crazy_face:

I’m not really sure.

On a side note: when did they remove the remove the “Patches Archive”? After looking around I noticed that is gone.

Not that it matters - but that deletes the first few years of patches for some of us.

In the last update they deleted some of the early missions that don’t really exist anymore so it changed every ones stats for things like battles in missions. As a result Average kills per battle seemed to jump for some and go down for others. It was kind of all over the place depending on when you had the larger portions of your mission played.

wish they would not mess with crap like stats. I mean… Im already losing interest and only playing to unlock banners… if they change the banners again like they did before I will probably move on at this point.

I already have to re-do the porc one and i hate playing porcs.

I see from 2,58 AK to 2,62 now back score, i will never understand why they count all the matching not only that you get into