Small update, 28.10.2022

Small update, 28.10.2022

Movement parts

  • Reduced deceleration in turning speed for wheels, especially on multi-wheeled and heavy vehicles. Now wheeled armoured vehicles should respond better to turns.
  • Increased the turning inertia for vehicles with hovers.
  • Now hovers will stop working on armoured vehicles that have any additional movement parts installed, except for mechanical legs.


  • Fixed a number of issues related to the lightning on different locations.
  • Now, if several parts are selected at once in the search filter for a car at the exhibition, then only the cars that have the selected parts mounted on them will be displayed.
  • The size of notifications about destroying an enemy and about assistance in the destruction has been reduced.
  • Improved the description of the module “Daze”: the module doesn’t work against leviathans.
  • Improved the effect of the shield for the “Aegis-Prime” module.
  • Fixed a bug where the mines of “Jubokko” and “Kapkan” continued to interact with the carcass of the destroyed vehicle, instead of switching to the next enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where the grass on the “Fortress” location could be displayed incorrectly.
  • Now the impulse from allied projectiles doesn’t affect a friendly armoured car.
  • Fixed a bug where markers were not placed on destructible parts of the bridge in the “Bridge” location.
  • Fixed incorrect display of the “Network test” window.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect playback of self-destruction sound of a vehicle located near the player.
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Not that was any of my interest but there was a proposition that considered those ugly monstrosities with only a few movement parts touching the ground.

The problem with it is that the movement part should not yield any tonnage as long as it doesn’t touch the ground/not at the appropriate altitude (with the obvious exception of vehicle jumping from the cliff or being turned over). Which means you should get more Bigrams instead of slapping a few wheels on the back and getting free tonnage even when those don’t touch any ground.

But having your movement parts completely turned off because reasons cuts the crafting possibilities. Which weren’t the best from the beginning, if we’re going to touch that subject.

ppl should think twice before they complain :thinking:

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Great, now all my wheeled builds are turning more sluggish than before, with an added bonus of a 1 second lag before any turning even begins to happen. I had a basic 4 wheel build with st wheels and normal wheels that worked fine yesterday, and now it no longer turns as nimble (read as in it’s like trying to steer an 8 sabbath wheel heavy cabin build). Feels like all turning now needs constant spamming of the handbrake rather than just the sharp turns.

But 3 wheeled builds seem to be performing a lot better, especially a mix of front facing and regular wheels

my shivs St wheels are much better now,/turning/take off speed…i have six of them
this is more like it…i’m happy again…thx ! :kissing_heart:
here’s my wheels fused…don’t hate on my wedge :crazy_face:



What about Goliath tracks? UPDATE messed them up so bad… They slide around now and its totally not realistic at all… also the ride height is not the same and effect many players builds… Is that correct? WHY does suck a massive track feel like I am on ICE???