Small Update

Small update, 07.06.2022

  • Fixed a bug that caused the shells of the “Executioner 88mm” and “Prosecutor 76mm” cannons to pierce more armour than they should.
  • Fixed an issue in the calculation formula that caused the structural parts of the “Eater of souls” pack to automatically have excessive parameters. As a result, the parameters of power score, mass and durability were reduced for the following parts:
    • Left Kutkh wing;
    • Right Kutkh wing;
    • Left Kutkh foot;
    • Right Kutkh foot.
  • Reduced the green shade contrast of the “Dark aquamarine” paint. Now the paint is closer to its original visual appearance (before the 0.13.70 update).
  • Fixed a bug that caused one more base to appear on the “Nameless tower” map in the “Assault” mode.
  • Improved textures for the parts “Left Kutkh wing” and “Right Kutkh wing”
  • Fixed the effects of shells hitting the checkpoint frames in the “Copperhead stadium” garage.
  • Fixed a bug that led to an incorrect amount of received resources being displayed in the Engineer badge exchange confirmation window.
  • Ochre and Caligari left the players’ garages.

I did not realize exexutioners were bugged. I just though, “nice performance.”. Oh well. Now that I have toadfish to pair with my tsunami again I doubt I have much use for exexutioners anyway. They about to get real dusty in my inventory. Not because of the nerf. I put the tarp over my exexutioners last week. I’ll probably use them again after I get another relic. I’ll probably sell my toads to get it.

I’m glad they fixed the glitch for Nameless tower.

They nerfed the holy-living-schit out of those Eater of Souls fenders, which were the only reason I bought that pack. I’m not thrilled about that, for sure. They now have a durability of under 40 points. Not cool.

I have little interest in wheels with a power-score of 300 each, but maybe they’ll grow on me. And, that crossbow…well, I’ll not say it’s garbage, but the window for making an effective strike with it is narrow enough that I think they could buff the hell out of that bonus. It’s fun to use, but it takes a lot of practice and a little luck to exercise it’s gimmick properly. I’m not aware of any other weapons with as tricky of a trigger as that thing. The pay-off for nailing it could be better, IMO.
Most of their updates are a bit messy, and lately they haven’t been real bad that way, but I think they need to hire a proper nerd to test this stuff out before they release it to the public. Sometimes they seem oddly out of touch with their own work. They didn’t notice how high the durability was on those fenders? WTF? How? And pulling over a hundred points off their durability, is that something I’m supposed to not notice?
Glad I bought the cheap “lite” version of the Eater of Souls. I’ll be more cautious with my future purchases, probably. My mistake, I guess. I knew they’d probably nerf those fenders a little, but they made them worthless, IMO. That nerf was grotesque.

I would prefer more durability if the parameters were based on the same formula, but I guess the reduction was implemented so that the Kutkh Wings wouldn’t have more HP than their direct counterparts in the Syndicate, i.e., the Paws. Makes sense that a Lunatic part with the same dimensions would be lighter and have less HP. But now it’s mainly decoration. The Kutkhs with 100 more HP would be more useful as structural parts.

The Varun using 7 energy will make it harder to use it with the Ermak if someone likes having auxiliary modules, e.g. a Doppler, a Verifier or a Chameleon. Maybe the 7 energy consumption was a mistake.

I wanted to spend some money on Crossout to support the game, but the developers’ blatant lies about nerfs and the way the moderators treat players convinced me otherwise. Today, I looked up the ban appeal section on the forum. It says that you can now only report by sending a PM to HornOchse - who insolently denied my chat ban appeal a few months ago, and I had to report that to a Main Administrator, who reverted the wrongful ban. And I mean, “insolently”, because I was banned with no basis in the rules, while at least one player openly cursed in the general chat. I preferred the appeal section in the old forum, where at least more than one moderators could read appeals.

The fiasco with how insanely hard it was to find the Closed Circle hubcap is a recent example of how much Targem cares about player experience. The screenshots in the following post show that it had price fluctuations while being untradeable, and become tradeable only after the event ended. Very weird.

I noticed yesterday they nerfed those yellow fenders pretty hard too. They used to be nice heavy parts. Now they have less than half of their previous durability.