Smells Like Wet Monkey

In the last post I recall RoughMonkey making, he mentioned that he lived in Florida. Then…

I haven’t seen him post since. It’s been a pretty devastating storm. I hope his coffee bar survived. Seems grim, though.

Anyway, I was concerned. Florida is a catastrophe. Where you at Monkey?


Might be staying with his Skunk ape cousin for the time being

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Let’s hope they’re safe.


Still no Monkey. WTF? I mean, it’s not like he’s missing anything. This game is sort of dorky right now with this weird update, but it’s still better than sifting through the soggy wreckage of your washed out coffee bar. I hope that’s not what’s going on, but for a lot of people in Florida, unfortunately that’s exactly what’s going on.

There are around 800k power outages in Florida could be a few more days.

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Still no Monkey. Florida is a disaster. It looks like it could be a mess for a while too. Poor Monkey.

Still a little over 400k power outages looking at some of the trackers.

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Thanks all for the concern. We didn’t have power for a few days. Just a little damage at our house, some not as fortunate as I.

Weather is one of those humbling things where you realize you have Zero control.


But, did your Disco Coffee Bar survive?
I hope so.
Welcome back to the Wasteland…the other wasteland. Absolutely nothing cool happened while you were gone.

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It’s okay Monkey, glad you are okay, need any bananas?


When I lived down there, our house got hit by a tornado. The only thing left was the sidewalk, and the banana tree standing there by itself next to the mailbox. We didn’t even get out of the car to look at what was left. I remember my dad (I was young) pulled up to the front, marveled at the disaster, said “Oh look. There’s the refrigerator.” and then we just drove off. There was nothing to look at…except the bananas.