🤗 Smoke Grenade Launcher?

it’s been mentioned before long ago,but we seem to need it…

and to be able to shoot long distance as well for them snipers on the edge of the maps.

only gif i can find…



I think that would a be great addition to the game. The only problem might be the amount of resources needed to maintain the smoke effects; imagine if 8 cars on each team launched smoke at the same time; it would probably strain the servers and client machines.

At any point, I would like the smoke to be colored purple, if it ever comes to the game.

That thing on the side by the wheel and fender was (we assume) going to be a smoke launcher

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Yes please!

I’m so happy they added Flock, but wish they hadn’t made it legendary.
I find it more useful in low-mid PS, where homing missiles are more common and where I would rather not spend energy points and mass on a cloak. Also fun for taunting enemies.

Smoke screen is the next logical step.

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Sounds cool, especially if it be 0 energy module.
Although technically, how would they work? How would they affect detection mechanics?
Option 1) Just a visual effect, no radar suppression like solid map objects.
Easier to implement, but really cries for a cheat that would replace smoke effect images to transparent ones. And if cheaters start, they’d probably tweak some more stuff while they at it. So it sort of encourages cheaters to tweak game.
Option 2) Creates dynamic world object that calculates as cover for radar detection.
Harder to implement, still calls for cheat workarounds.

I say although a cool idea presents more problems, and as a guy optimizing PS I’m not likely to use it anyway.
And who actually would? Melee and other guys desperate to break distance? Would strain the balance once again. And it’s not like sniper guys were doing that well to begin with.

Well, radar sees through smoke, so the only people really affected would be those not using radar of any sort. I sorta use my flares as a smoke screen; with my anti-copter ground build, I have them mounted up front, pointing upwards, to make it harder for the copters to pinpoint my weaponry. Does anyone else do this?

I think it should block line of sight and normal radar, but maybe not block radar detectors?
If you are inside the cloud, you shouldn’t be able to see either, unless using neutrino.
Basically the smoke should behave like destructible scenery objects, except you can’t destroy it, and it dissipates on its own.

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In real life, tanks do not yet have invisibility and force fields to protect themselves. That’s why their crews, made up of adult soldiers, use smoke grenades.
In Crossout there are 2 invisibility modules (soon there will be 3) and 3 types of force fields. Smoke grenades are not necessary. And my hair stands on end just imagining children and trolls from both teams spamming smoke grenades.

I like this idea!! :smiley:

Ye but imagine how much calculations to server that adds

I could be wrong, but I think destructible objects get handled differently than parts on player builds, and may not put the same strain on the servers.
A boy can dream!

I wish there were more support guns in general, that don’t rely on dealing damage to be helpful

I think the only gun like that we currently have is the Enlightenment and HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

enlightenment, acari, flock, and barrier. are our current ones.

safe to say you picked the only one that is useless.

Not sure how much Acari would count as a non-damage dealing support weapon though, while 100% a support gun it does still deal damage, kind of like Trombones also deal damage even if very minimal by itself (the bolt explosion / the missile explosion)

Oh yeah and the kapkan, I forgot about that

yeah there is a lot, of support weapons, but not enough as having a good set of them would make people think “do I use them or full weapon?”