SnowStorm Crafting Decor

I don’t know how many of you lovely ladies and gents have noticed, but the absolute best armor in the game is - perhaps - decor. This is especially true if you’re into light & fast vehicles.

The "Snow Tyres," for example, has an absolutely HUGE hitbox, has a powerscore of 41, durability of 42 and mass of only 34. Some decor doesn’t do crap for armor, but the bigger stuff is great. There aren’t a lot of parts in the game where the durability number is higher than the mass.

The much beloved Train Plow, for example, has a durability of 416, but a mass of 952.

Snow Tyres
42/34 = 1.23 Durability to mass…
Train Plow
416/952 = 0.44 Durability to mass…

Yes, this is how my brain works. LOL

Of course, if you’re going for a brawler that can push stuff around, this isn’t the way to go.

That being said, as I look at the junk we can craft in the SnowStorm event, Snow Tyres, Neon Santa, and the Candy Exhaust are the parts to get if you’re not fusing stuff.

Neon Santa makes great armor for under your rig. Huge, flat, and gives a cool underglow lighting effect.

Snow Tyres are great for spaced armor.

Candy Exhaust… well… it’s not as effective, but you can paint the whole thing & it looks pretty cool. :upside_down_face: