So i did this (drone build)

Basically i bloated this 5.7 k design.

so i could enter hard raids, today i wasn’t feel bringing anything else. I just wanted to go through ASAP.
I don’t know how it will behave in combat (only tomorrow).
Despite having done some tweaks the armour didn’t change anything special, the back is the same, the major difference is a epic cabin and some wheels to synergize with the drones and engine.
But i still can’t have a fifth drone.
Any ideas?

speaking as a droner, I find that taking drones into raid kinda falls short because the bots will target the drones 1st chance they get. And, when you don’t have anymore drones left, that only leaves going into melee mode. THEN, doing melee in the raids tends to get in the way of the other players shots. It’s messy. If you can make it happen, go for it!

yeah, pretty much.
I pop some boosters yesterday making drive byes, i’m always in melee mode, but for that i don’t need to be in a drone build, to tell the truth.
I often use my build to pin down or to drag the other build.
In general i didn’t get too close and hold my fire until i was sure my drones would not be insta killed.
It was enough to get by, i wasn’t in the mood to do raids, but at the same time i had to do them.
it is a nice compromisse