So I made a brick with 24hr Hammerfalls to see how much the current meta is brainrot, it's so bad

They know how to inflate numbers…

They force heli challenges to make it look like players are in the heli mode.

They add a challenge to “like” brawls to make it to look like more people are participating

They inflate the population numbers on the event.

Those players with zero matches are very rare they usually has at least a few games under their belts at some point. You can usually tell the new accounts by the avatar and the majority of the noob avatars I looked up did play a match or 2 in the recent past.

i think they do know how to inflate numbers

this specimen is in my subscriptions as of right now
i cant say if there are fake players, at least on pc, but it would not surprise me

in any case, a massive number of people who joined to play enemy in reflection quit or will quit soon and the counts are not indicative of a growing playerbase

A lot of the accounts i looked up were stuff like this. There are some zero kill players like in the last screen shot but those are very rare, they probably don’t even account for 1 percent of what’s on the leaderboard. Also most of these accounts are clustered somewhere in the middle of the leaderboard almost as if the devs are trying to hide these accounts.

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clans—don’t choose open, always choose app! what happen to the old system?


EAT BRICK KID (home alone) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: