So I made a brick with 24hr Hammerfalls to see how much the current meta is brainrot, it's so bad

So I realised I had 2 24hr Hammerfalls I wanted to get some clips of how little effort it takes to use these stupid brick builds. I don’t have a heavy cab so I have a whaler and my wheels are a mess because obviously I don’t build this meta garbage.

Isn’t she just ugly!

So 15000kg semi heavy build nearly 4000HP, 106km/h. Weapons on Omamori, with Fin whale and Grizzly resistance.

This build is of course not at all optimised. Look how easily you can just hold the fire button, not really caring about anything else… You literally don’t have to worry about any weapon in the game shooting you aside from other melee and maybe porcs.

You y’know, all you new players just get a bunch of porcs real quick lol

About 10 games in I felt my braincells killing themselves so took a break, it’s pretty bad… I can just be goign 100kmh and drop 180 degree turns and donuts on the spot… outpace practically every build, push every build and not worry about my guns as they’re on diminishing returns of 50% + 50% + sometimes 30% damage resistance…


You really need Phobos on that build. 104 is kind of slow for a medium Fin brick.

I recommend you go all meta and get yourself a fused Humpback or a Yoko for further whaling adventures.

Still, this session looked like fun. You have the right idea with Hammerfalls against hovers. You aim to hit the hovers, rather than the guns with Hammerfalls until you have an easy shot from a crippled opponent.

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Like the dropped babies who play these things I didn’t want to put much more thought into it than I had to, it came with Grizzly so I kept it.

Idk who finds this fun, tiktok addicts and mobile gamers maybe.

They never post full game footage because anybody can replicate it against competent enemies. They’ll post screenshots of their MVP+Unyielding rate, scoreboards or montages but never a 1-2 minute video of a solid game.

If that’s a dig at me just tell me what you want to see?


Almost all my clips are full games, I cut our the boring parts.

That wasnt a dig at you thats a dig at droolers who play W+M1 and cam steer hitscan.

Appreciated, the current state of the game has me quite irritable at the moment, soz

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I dont even play anymore cause my build got nerfed the hardest in the entire history of XO being an Astraeus/Omni build. Game isnt playable as anything other than Hover/Bigram/Epic wheels in competitive pvp. The big name missions and CC players I used to casually hunt are untouchable now.


I load into some matches and just see a group of 3-4 copy paste players and I’ll just quit out, there’s no point even trying anymore. They made all the no skill things into the most effective things with practically 0 downsides.

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And your point is…?
SGg are fun, sometimes requires guts to advance once you are in a clearly disadvantage until you get into your range.
It is hard? No. just press W and click a button. great for stress release.

Porcs? no.
I would advice incinerators, it’s like kryptonite like in situations as in 5:37 in your vid. and those are the most buck for your dollar than Porcs.

For the moment i’m still a bit bored with them, but i already miss them sometimes ( for obvious reasons) i went from Spitfires to thunderbolts then i switched to drones.
Best bang for your buck if you want to demolish and if you are in that mood…if you ask me

you will still find people who see that video and genuinely say that theres no problem (and that skill is subjective amirite)


Yeah, the easy to use guaranteed success kind of weapons/builds are just way too good on top of being absolutely way too easy to use.

Any time I try out shotguns, rapid fire machineguns and the like I can just forget about trying to do any good and just play like an absolute idiot and get success handed to me with way less effort than most non-meta guns. The amount of sweating I have to do to do any good with say dual waltz or triple locust is insane compared to how little I need to do with hammerfalls or even just thunderbolts.

A piercer build is way better purple weapon tier build than most purple weapon builds, excluding the usual stuff

And I don’t like how most long range combat has devolved into Falcon perk shooting at center of mass from one side of the map, rather than trying to shoot at specifics most of the time by the feels of it

Anything that fires a steady set of damage from machineguns to plasma emitters to shotguns completely outclasses any weapon that shoots a single shot of something and then has to reload


Yeah it’s so true.

I always thought I was doing crazy damage with 2-3 Fortunes until I tried this dual hammerfall build and I get the same damage in a matter of seconds with no reload downside.

I’d hit 1500 damage or so with a dual Fortune shot, then in 2 seconds of holding 1 button I get the same damage on someone while having no worries about losing my weapons, taking damage or really anything.

I hate the new brick meta. Humpback dracos and humpback hammerfalls is all you see now. Crossout as been out for more than 7 years now and is more unbalanced then it has ever been. The top 10 clans exclusively uses that goofy looking hammerfall brick so that goes to tell you how broken that build is.


direct result of dwindling playerbase due to management idiocy, resulting in even more idiocy

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Playerbase is not dwindling sadly it is actually the opposite at the moment. EnemyInReflection had over 130 000 players on the leaderboard albeit most of those are new accounts with players that only played for a few days and soon quit. What crossout got is a player retention problem where out of those new players there are just enough that sticks around to replace the long time regulars that do quit. I think the game is designed that way, loads and loads of players try out the game on a daily basis as is expected for a f2p game but only a small percentage stays. Once the game gets that new regular then another regular who had enough moves on so the player size is usually more or less the same.

That number is a lie don’t be fooled, we checked accounts that didn’t have a score and some hadn’t played since 2021 and some has NEVER played a single match.

Console had 96000 on the leaderboard but only 23000 players with a score.

It is true actually I can prove it. I took loads of screen shots and the accounts with out a score did in fact log in at least once while the event was on going, all it takes to get on the leaderboard is too log in at least once while the event is going on. I have screenshots of about 50 accounts that I can show yea.

the effect of a growing playerbase is completely temporary because nobody wants to play the game in its current state.
i would bet the “recent” updates are straight up there to meet a quota of new players

its hard to say whether targem is incompetent or just knows how to milk players for moeny

Right and an account that has never played, or has only played a few games back in 2021 just happening to log in once during an event with a global leaderboard to show population isn’t suspicious to you?