So Long, LA! And, Thanks for All the Vids!

Sadly, today I announce that SLink, the developers responsible for all things technical when it comes to the LA Diesel avatar, has closed its business, entirely. Because of this, the avatar/model I use (known as the SLink Hourglass) will no longer be receiving updates or bug fixes. That means I gotta start saving up and shopping around for a new model that can, either physically fit the LA Diesel role (without too much augmentation) or I will have to completely recast a new character to take over the spot…

  • thankfully, the head for the model is from a different company that is still in operation, so, I will be able to keep the same face. However, the body will be noticeably different :expressionless:

  • I’m gonna need to get as many pics of this model as possible before it bugs out completely

  • you’d think that I would have taken plenty of shots over the last 13 years but no, I only shoot what I need. Now i need to shoot stuff on a “just in case” basis

$100’s of real world dollars in clothing assets for the SLink Hourglass about to turn to dust too…what to do, what to do???