So the tail end of this BP season

What did you all craft and or craft extra of?

I don’t even know what to pick with my lighters, I feel like I won’t use any of the things there…

The cannons are too big, the Jotun and Skadi aren’t my style and all the epics/legendaries suck for me…

Might end up grabbing an extra Rune or Jotun and an extra Narwhal just to un-fuse later down the line for money

I figured I’d do Narwhal for the lighters (since I sold off my Tsunami set a while ago.) Skaldi I had thought about for the lighters but it’s not really my style either. There was a lot of I don’t needs and already have for the lighters so I went with what seemed like an ok toy. I think I’ll go with the jawbreaker for the other lighter purchase as I have some of the others the others in different upgrades.

I crafted an extras of: narwhal, fin whale, whaler, and yeti, two extra rune’s and then figured I’d could do two extra Jotun’s too. I had thought about just skipping doing extra’s and getting full sets of each of the revolvers for the fun of it but it seemed kind of stupid in comparison.

I’ll be spending my lighters on a narwhal. Already bought a second Jotun on the market.
Don’t have any plans to craft anything from the BP, but will figure out some way to use my leftover lighters.

to big? they are smaller then a typhoon and a mastodon, how small do you want them?

i crafted a jotun from lighters, by the time the event ends ill have another 650 so ill be getting another narwhal for 2 of them. i also made a rune for selling later on. im debating on making 1 more then waiting for a while to sell when it goes up in price. i just dont know if its worth it because it requires casings and casings go for alot right now. rune requires piercers that require the casings. yeah runes go for alot right now but idk if itll justify the cost of making one to sell later. ehhhhhh i got time to decide i guess, but i just dont know.

Almost like I’d class those as too big, too.

I ended up missing too many days to pick up one like that. I probably would have done that too rather then the special.

Took me a while to decide too as I often end up sitting on stuff for an extra bp before selling. I ended up making more then I thought I would. I kind of justified doing by saying to myself well I won’t be able to waste the coin on let me try this again purchases that I always lose coin on.

im almost level 99 in the pass, by the time the pass finishes i SHOULD be around level 111 so if youve gotten that far you SHOULD have enough for another 650. cause i used 250 on the jotun and will get another 650 by the time it ends so i shouldve collected about 900 total. i think you can miss a few days and still be able to get it.

the only reason im hesitant is what the next season will bring. cause if there is a useful item i want to save my casings for it cause i have a feeling theyll use casings yet again for more battlepass stuff. even then i could just drop a bit of coin for the items instead of wasting my casings on it… mmmmm i already made an extra jotun and a rune so idk… i might be good for now. i DO have the materials for another jotun but… ehhhhhh ill skip it, 1 of both should be enough for now.

96, every time I guesstimate I’m a few levels short. I’ll be happy if I’m wrong but don’t think it’s looking favorable for that.

I get like that too I figure we probably will hear from them this week or next on what the 2 weapons are. I don’t worry to much about the casing though they probably will use them till they are close to gone.

if you do your missions every day and the weeklies you should be near to my level when its done. so youd be around… 108 - 110 possibly. so by my estimates you SHOULD have enough for a legendary weapon.

i have 11,000 engraved casings left but seeing as how piercers use 400 per gun they will run out fairly quickly. its not really an option for me as the game only has a finite amount of casings left and as they are being used up they get higher and higher in price. im noticing piercers are going up in price to. it costs alot of resources to make them as well so it would be a loss to buy and craft them. i wish the devs would hurry up and make up their minds on the damn things. put them back into the game in all modes and stop being so damn stingy!

Have you double checked the math on crafting piercers? Might be cheaper to just buy them.
Last time I checked it was, but that was months ago.

piercers are going for over 600 each right now. if i was going to craft a rune it would use two so id be up to 1200 not counting the secondary item which would run it up to about 1600 i believe. so yeah piercers are up there in price now.

I already have the legendary via the lighters, I just don’t think I’ll have enough for the extra epic by the end.

I would figure they must have their eye on the amount left in the game. If it get’s too high in price players will start to complain about their usage. My big question on them is if they are ignoring the shells left on players that haven’t played recently when they look at how many are in the game?

Right now the shells on PC are valued around 23 per 100 and the piercer is going for 199.99.

I got a fused Jawbreaker

engraved casings are 99 - 106 coins per 100 and piercers are over 600 per gun on ps4.

ah yeah possibly not then.

you got a fused rock! man i wanted the durability and damage resistant rock! your so lucky!

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Always amazes me how far the markets are off.

So what’s the total value of the resources needed to craft a piercer (minus tax)?

I plan to get the Narwhal and a Jotun and extra Runes.

The fused Narwhal has impressive bullet speed and I’m an Assembler fan so I will probably play them sometimes.

I don’t see myself using Skadi much as I already play a firedog. The Jotun is a useful weapon and extra Runes are self explanatory. You can use them for a long cloak, or use them as a lance in front of your build.

For items out of the Battlepass, I’m not crafting anything because I’m tapped from my craft 3 Odin Generators project.

nothing cuz crafting is useless

your looking at 450 coins right off the bat for the 450 casings so lets see
450 casings = 450 coins
250 scrap = 12.50
100 wires = 15
100 copper = 6
50 plastic = 40
total cost = 523.50
cost on the market is 600

if you were to sell it on the market it would sell for 540 coins (counting the 10% tax fee)

i mean its not that much of a difference but… idk if it would still be worth it.

i think people are going to want these because they boost the amount of booster fuel you get as well. the bonus for the cloak is always good but i think if anything people will want them booster fuel.