So whats next?

so whats after lloyds trail? another mini pass? maybe the spring mayhem event that noone does? dronepocalypse? (yes please) or perhaps nothing for a while?

and then whats after this season pass? another 120 day season pass? im really getting tired of this. its been like this for years with nothing new happening. all we are getting is event stuff with a timer that once its over you cant make or get them anymore except if you go to the market and buy them for absurd prices.

the devs dont want to improve modes already in the game and they dont want to add more modes in, so whats the point of this game anymore? to leech as much money out of the playerbase as possible and leave them to fight with eachother over resources and stuff?

you dump so much time into packs, temporary modes and stuff like clan confrontation, battle passes and stuff like that but you cant be bothered to make a permanent mode in the game? crossplay has been enabled so now we have more people to play with from the other console so dont tell me “itll split the player base waaaaaah” cause that excuse doesnt work anymore. we have more then enough to warrant more pve modes and additional content to be added into the game.

adding a new mode will be fun and give us something to do while we wait for more weapons and whatnot to be made. hell even if the pve event we had of the ravagers came back with a twist as a permanent mode id be happy. then we can compete for prizes like coins, resources and stuff for like a weekly challenge or something.

look im just tired of the excuses, im tired of putting money into a game where the devs just dont care. i want to have fun, i want to do more in crossout. i know others feel the same way i do and its just depressing seeing the devs do this to the game.

no permanent blueprints
no permanent modes
timed events
timed blueprints
battle passes
mini battle passes
the ridiculous price hike on limited items

… seriously something has to give at some point. what that will be? only time will tell…

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Probably another mini pass, or we get an event… April fools is close so we’ll get dronepocolyse I expect.

Also this cab somehow… might be a pack who knows -


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I say enough with the multiply-active passes, enough with creating new stuff to chase after, enough with the constant rebalancing…solve the poor player-retention issue(s), or nothing else will matter.

A dozen more gone-for-good people I’ll be removing from the friends list today.

I think what some people are forgetting is that new items keep people interested, and BPs are the most efficient way to get existing players to throw some money at the game.

As far as keeping new players, I don’t think the issue is that they haven’t added enough new craftable items. There are already more than enough craftable items to keep new players busy, and many pack-only items and BP items are cheaper on the market than craftable items.

I also don’t think new game modes is the secret to new player retention. If new players don’t like the existing main modes of PVP and/or PVE, they just aren’t going to stick around. If you can’t have fun building vehicles and then fighting with them, you are never going to like Crossout.

I do think making CC a bit more lucrative and also reworking CW could help counter the feeling that the end game is out of reach. One thing that might help is PS limits for the various CW leagues, although we might not have enough players to make that work.

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I think this is a Chinese exclusive cabin?

That’s something I’ve been saying for a long while. I think if they established the PS limits they would fill themselves over time because less competition would enable people to rank higher faster. So players unable to rank well in other areas would move to the easier prospects. It might help with retention too as players generally like to be rewarded when they put in even the slightest effort.

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No it was teased on the official Reddit a couple days ago

Well, the Chinese have an exclusive cabin, I’m fairly certain.

Yeah the Wuling cabin, Volt or something I can’t remember… not that their version of the game even exists anymore

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We had these parts in the badge exchange briefly and my friend grabbed them, but they were later taken away

I missed them :frowning: I would have snatch them up too, had I seen them there…

They removed them from your inventory too if you did get them.

Because China is controlling AS ALL F*CK.

That’s one reason why (of several) I don’t buy anything made in China. If I hafta do without, then I do without, and been doing that for years already. You can find alternatives, if you do a little research.

The game is bleeding players, slowly but surely. It is not a mass exodus but the game has been consistently bleeding players for a year now. I can’t even play clan con no more cause the queue times is that bad and they just expect clans to complete the already insane high requirements for clan con challenges with 3 minute queue times?

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The game dies. Thats what. Its become so horrible over the past 16 or so months. They keep changing the game so much to the point where everything is different from one year to the next. This approach of meta cycling is purely for short term profits. I’ve quit playing for the past 2 months because the game is fucking awful now. The devs butchered everything I play and also butchered the lobbies I played in.

< Playerbase butchered 6+ ways in pvp, cc, cw, raids, brawls, Engineers 30 plus all the powerscore brackets. The game is fucking dead because of it. They got hundreds of matchmaker rooms with a few people in each one.
< The skill issue of the game. There are all these cookie cutter builds that dominate lobbies year after year despite requiring very little skill, and its very hard to counter them opposed to using them. Meanwhile the most heavily nerfed weapon for the entire last year is the Astraeus which only a freak minority of players could use.
< The absurd time grind to get structure parts and a vehicle with a high skill ceiling. Until you get a full epic build the game handicaps you. No reverse speed, no strafing, no creative modules or vehicle niches. Until you get a full epic build you have a nonexistent skill ceiling and cannot improve.
< Poisonous playerbase that only exists outside of the game on reddit.