So, you are saying this game is dying

Ok, then.

I can’t enter in this dying game where the servers are just too small

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they are working on the servers again…the wait time has nothing to do with population…it’s just there for some odd reason…
your just waiting for the server to get online,your not inline waiting for an opening.


everything was running fine last night , up til about 3am cst when i noticed the market acting funky

It could mean that the experienced developers have been pulled onto other projects while Crossout is in a maintenance mode. This means the game has been released and will use less experienced developers or other staff to keep the game rolling. This is a guess on my part. I’m in the software field and this happens for a number of reasons. One could be the product is not a priority. Two that people / resources are needed elsewhere. Three the company is downsizing or folks are leaving. Each company is different and many times the staff at those companies don’t have a choice. I am sure we will have a fix soon.

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Every single big update has always meant a few days of glitches and lag before and after the update. Just have some patience and it will be resolved. This is nothing new.


The mass exodus of IT from Russia last year didn’t help.


But… but…
the thingies are messing with my dailies.
I was in the middle of a raid, first the chat connection with the server was lost, then i was wedged by a team mate that didn’t moved, it had to be another team mate help me moving from the top of that player.
Next an error message …
During that raid i was thinking i would be kicked off and never see the petrol again.

Dude that blows. Sorry mang I sympathize.

You can’t even connect now. Even after waiting a few minutes. Super annoying!
Such a shame, that they don’t invest enough money and work into this great game…