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Don’t mention that travesty 76… :disappointed: It should never had went multiplayer.
76 is the black sheep of the franchise… Fallout 1 and 2 are what’s worth it… 76, WoW, GTA and Minecraft are far from what gems like Fallout 2 or Baldur’s Gate are…

By choices and creativity, I don’t mean all the stuff you can do, but the way you can do all that stuff that simply doesn’t work in online games… An example is investing into mental abilities and charisma ONLY and going through the game by only using your verbal skills if you choose so. And even then having numerous ways of doing that, each with different outcomes in the long run…
Single player RPG games is where it’s at. But to each his own, we can agree on that. We can value different types of creativity in games, and t doesn’t diminish one or the other.

But back to the topic, yeah, XO only really has PvP… So not much choice here.

Even though, it still has a variety of actions: PvP (redundant), PvE (90%), craft (8%), construction of your own camp and shelters (2%), banding together, grinding items, huge map, nuking the areas, trading, et cetera. Technically, XO also has it, but it far less abundant and/or satisfying form form.

And we’re speaking about 76 here, mind you. XO still has a chance, but only with enough money and/or better gamedev.

All true, but XO started out as a small thing, while 76 was a big vast experience in the initial idea. XO will never go down that road, but it does have a chance. All those little things… even things like mining nodes or fishing and fishing out a worn boot in WoW… Such little things (well obviously not fishing with your car, but call it minigames, would be a good addition to XO.
Even Diablo 2, a perfect game by all means, while pretty straight forward - Kill masses of monsters, grind and collect loot, was well done…
But all of those games have BIG maps and areas that allow for it… That’s one of the reasons XO is severely limited.

  • Maybe making areas you traverse through by ‘portals’, basically, instancing, would work. A big world you can roam, do quests (but these quests need to be GOOD and ORIGINAL), meet factions, enter their strongholds, trade with them, unique encounters, even finding random spawning things you can pick up while leveling the needed skill to do so… etc…

Targem also had Hard Track Apocalypse, Hard Track Apocalypse: Rise of Clans, and Hard Track Apocalypse Arcade (maybe a different name on the last one). They definitely had an idea, too.

And this is why HTA experience could come in handy. They also had medium sized maps but with travel (loading screen) between each other.

Ye, basically what I meant in my topic about Xo becoming MMO-ish game. That would be attractive to players.

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Exactly. But I’m skeptic that it will ever happen.
It would be THE move to make though.

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