Solo mode

How is this game for the solo guy?

There’s no “solo mode” per say. It’s a very PvP focused game. You either play PvP vs players, a mode that’s the same as PvP but vs all bots, and there’s co-op raids where u and a team work together. All are playable as a solo player and you get matched up with teams.

It’s basicly a team game. The last three months I have went in to que as a solo player. You don’t need a group to play the game, but it can improve your odds of victory.

Oh there’s also a story mode you can play that’s completely solo, no groups at all.

Well, there’s a solo mode if you just want to play for fun without getting rewards. You can set up a custom battle and fight against 1 or more robots (or even a live friend or two), even have them use the same car that you’re using. You can set up the map you want to use and a bunch of other things. Sometimes you just want to do your own thing; this is one way to do it.

Not good. The only thing for a solo player is Awakening. The rest is repulsive PvP trash.

PvP is all I’m here for.

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For some time now I play solo. PVP ofc. (No clan wars).
All the friends left because they didn’t agree with many of the devs’ choices.
In truth, I love playing solo PVP. No obligation. Play when you want/can. And it’s very enjoyable for me…
While it is team pvp, with some experience, a solo player is easily the MVP and turns the tide to win games.
The game is not hard at all once you learn what to do.

Whatever floats your boat. IMO constant PvP is for some desperate people with small peepee.

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Why is PvP desperate? Way more fun and creative gameplay then fighting derpy old bots. What’s your deal bruh? Did you get trolled too much by gamers in PvP and now you lump every PvP player in with that toxic bunch?

What a poor conclusion you’ve come to.

This. This is why I pity PvP-only players. You don’t even know there are more than just rushing around in the same maps with the same builds all over and over and over again. You’re like a hamster in a wheel, thinking this is the only and the best way.

I’m not saying XO has something besides PvP and you actually have a choice. Not at all, the game has little to no content.

To give an associative example, it’s like a unicellular organism thinks there are no more actions such as eat and divive. If unicellilar ogranisms could think, that is.

What a skewed view you have…its sad. You assume far to much.

Why are you even on these forums or playing crossout if you feel this way about the game and its players?

I do not “assume”. These are facts.

  • PvP-only players enjoying this wreck of a game instead of demanding more or moving to another projects. Fact.

  • PvP-only players do not care about any improvement of the game core and only crying about unfair hovers/tracks/what’s trending now. Fact.

  • PvP-only players are fine with obsolete grind because they are here for the only repetative action. Fact.

  • PvP-only players do not want anything to change if that “anything” doesn’t concern their personal weapon or cabin or movement part. Fact.

  • PvP-only players do not see the thing with the contantly declining playerbase that it leads to the end of the game. And those players do not give any suggestion to increase the playerbase instead. Fact.

Can you prove at least one fact above to be untrue?

To kill time. To help some new players. To mock the likes of you. None of your business.

Pick one.

Sometimes I log in to build a car and take it for a spin in my garage or that single normal, sensible mode in the game.

I really care not about the game or the players — the players like you, mind you. Not the newbies or some art-crafters. If Targem says “we’re ending XO tomorrow” the only thing I’d do would be the deletion of XO files.

That is the same thing that would happen to us PvP players too.

Working on PvE content is a waste of time and resources, due to the fact that the largest % of the player base mainly wants to play PvP.

There are plenty of other PVE games you can go play that are waaaaaaaay better then Crossout.


All Untrue.

-I don’t mind change.
-I play solo player games.
-I despise the grind of games especially in games with PvP.
-I’m fully aware when a games population drops. But I’m a good judge of seeing how long a game lasts. People have been saying this game is dead and will die by the end of the year for five years. This game will run for at least three years more. Devs will keep this game running even when it’s a hollow shell with barely any players left. They love this game that much. Also they don’t seem to want its population to get too large.
-i have no bias about balancing weapons.

Dude… Your a joke. No point in responding to your rediculouse ranting. Your just painting people in to derpy groups of your own imagination. One bad apple doesn’t rott all the fruit on the tree.

i think the only reason pvp is popular is due to clan wars and the lack of any GOOD pve modes. dont get me wrong, i love perimeter breach and frontier defence on the proper map, but the lack of pve modes for us pve players to enjoy says alot, so dont assume that pvp is most popular. the game lacks variety, so you cant base a decision on “this % of players like pvp more” when theres a lack of modes. the game is heavily pvp focused which is something i dislike. im a pve player and i dont like pvp all that much.

Is there anyway we could have more of a story mode?
I’m not the only one enjoying solo pvp/pve, but it would be nice to have deeper missions, from time to time…
Maybe a multi-stage quest pve? Think roadwar 2000

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Prove it. Name one change you suggested or discussed that was not about PvP or weapons.

I never said you didn’t. But do you play another vehicular LEGO-like game? You do not.

You “despise” it so much that you join your “despised” PvP on weekly, if not daily basis.

This confirms my words. You consider coma people fully alive too, don’t you?

Maybe you don’t. Maybe others do.

The jokes on you. I never mentioned you in previous message. I said “PvP-only players”, not “tenshiijin”. But you still got your bum hurt. :upside_down_face:

And since you’re desperately trying to tell me that my words do not worth your answers, I let myself remind you that it was you who started a rant and bothered me. I’m perfectly fine without your seething cries. Now scoot back to your grind, kid.

This game is only about cashgrab. Not really an option. I’d suggest Terratech for that.

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Crossout is one of my all time favourite games, but god damn the PVE is absolutely atrocious.

Mainly due to stupid ass AI combined with pin point never miss accuracy. There is nothing satisfying about killing bots in this game, the way they move, act, shoot - all terrible. Not to mention how boring and repetitive the raids etc are.

Yes PVP is repetitive too but at least you are fighting human players you can out smart / out play. Not gonna lie the game could be much more than it is, but if PVP was removed from the game entirely I know 200 other games I would rather play than the PVE in this game that’s for sure.

It’s true that PVP games have nowhere near the creativity and choices that true RPG games do… Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, etc… All single player games with insane amount of freedom of choice and originality…

But this IS Crossout… And you’ve said it yourself, XO has nothing besides PvP… Anyone logging into XO, logged for the PvP.
… Raids, the core of the PvE in XO… it’s PvExhaustion…

Not really. In other topic I brought to your attention GTA V and Minecraft. I can bring some more, including even Failout76 and that wretched WoW. The thing is about overall content. Not the cosmetics that no one cares about (really, does anyone really care what kind of stickers do I or my friends have on our vehicles? No? Thought so), not the garage in which you can do at least a little bit of construction. But the lack of general activity is what makes XO bad.