Solution to solve the lack of acceleration on the wheels

The devs should add a “NOS” button for the wheels.The free scope they given to us recently is useless with wheels build ex: breaker , firebug and a lance build. We should have a option to choose between a scope or a nitro oxide button.

Why can’t I have both, I’d use both… They really just need to put in a NOS module that works like the old boosters in a smaller package size.


So I can move my chonky wheeled sniper around from spot to spot a little faster.

Um… No.

Wheels are fine.

Free scopes were addes to give sniping weapons a buff vs things like dogs.

This is just another Ferrari nerf what he doesn’t play and buff what he does play thread.

Dude clearly plays close range derp derp builds like shotties.

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no bro, too OP.

OP would actually depend on how much power the NOS module actually provides. I probably wouldn’t need much to get up to speed from a dead stop.

This thread is just a rework of Nurf Hovers - remove it

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No it’s not . It’s a topic about idea to improve the wheels.

any suggestion? Booster,co-driver perk…

I play all 3 ranges and I was for the most part saying why can’t I have a regular scope and have the other Nos bonus. I don’t think this is a repeat thread.

Because one doesn’t exist and won’t exist. You have boosters and they will never be zero energy. Otherwise everyone will have boosters piled on they’re rides.

only one , zero energy booster allow on your build.

One energy NOS module would be cool. Make it use ammo boxes.

And maybe while we are at it, let’s add a simple two speed manual transmission module. Toggle between higher acceleration and higher top speed. Could be zero energy, given the need to manually change gears.


No free boosters for the close rang heavy game thanks.

What if the low gear limited your top speed significantly? Or just make it cost an energy point if it’s too problematic at zero.

I want a nos system stop dirt bagging it… lol

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I really just want a Nos system, I’ve been asking for it for years. I could care less if it costs 1 energy they made the change that scopes cost none. So if it cost 1 I wouldn’t care a bit.

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Yeah buddy

I remember when booster had unlimited fuel and people did put em on everything