Some challenges

for the battle pass do you think some of these are… bad…?
the one i hate the most is “earn 40 fuel in missions” because i dont play pvp and i hate it, so why would i want to waste my time building a generic pvp build just to get 40 fuel? it would be nice if you could earn fuel in patrol vs ai. even if it were nerfed so you could only use the small fuel barrel only getting you 5 fuel per match it would still be helpful.

another one thats… kind of bothersome is “capture the enemy base 3 times in missions” this one is most of the time not doable. mainly because alot of the time the enemies are killed BEFORE you can even capture the base. its quite rare for me to capture the enemy base before all the enemies are dead. most of the time on a certain map the enemy captures the base because all of my team is fighting the others while no one goes to the base to prevent it from being captured.

idk i feel alot of these missions are not doable by others to. the autocannons one is very easy as i have a cyclone with a few other autocannons.

does anyone have missions they dont like or they think are unfair?

The earn fuel missions don’t really bother me, personally it’s one of the few times I tend to bother with PVP. I normally just keep 1 shotgun fueler build around for it using the upgraded blue fuel tank.

As far as earning fuel in patrol that might be interesting but they probably wouldn’t go for it as they seem to look down on pve modes in general.

Capture the base multi times does bother me though. Most of the BP challenges should probably be limited to things that are accomplishable on your own.

There aren’t too many that really bug me perhaps some of the destroy lots of parts with cannons but it’s just mostly because it’s often really slow to progress. I don’t really see that as unfair though.

the odd thing is i have been getting into ALOT more matches in patrol vs ai with a full team of people and the matches go so fast theres literally no time to capture the bases, they are already dead by the time i hit 1 or sometimes even 2. even in my fast build it wont happen, i either have to let my team distract the enemies or they dog pile on me when i get near them or their base. most of the time though the enemies are just dead so fast i cant get the mission done.

they need to stop with the PVP favoritism. this game isnt purely pvp, if it was then i wouldnt be here playing it. they have done so much with pvp and so little for pve that its just ridiculous. we need more pve modes and options. (now watch some dummy try to argue that this is a strictly pvp focused game).
ive been saying for years that pve needs more love and attention. there hasnt been much in the way of content that has been added in here over the years. and no i dont count new pvp maps that are only locked to pvp and not accessible to pve as new content. i see these “new seasons” in crossout but nothing to back up the seasons to make them more interesting, only battle passes and mini battle passes within the battle pass. the new weapons are nice, but for gods sake add some modes! the only modes that were interesting that came out the past few years were TIMED EVENTS. these being the dronepocalypse and the christmas event with gronch long ago where you had to defend your truck from waves of enemies. nothing in crossout is even permanent anymore. weapon blueprints are gone when the seasons end as well until another event or battlepass comes out. this crap needs to stop and we need more modes and actual content added into the game.

I would say for many in the community, if not most, it is highly PvP focused.

The PvE in the game is historically hated by the community.

AI is aweful - matches are mindless

Having PvE in game does not hurt anything for me since I don’t have to do it - but if all AI based PvE combat was removed from the game some guys wouldn’t even noticed it was removed.

What about all of them?
from 100, 350, 400 badges we now have 40, 50 and 100 badges.
Why even bother with them?

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The only thing I could suggest is saying: “base capture needed” at the start of the match.

Most of my matches in patrol go pretty fast too. The fastest matches are just a little under a minute.

I think they keep dreaming that it’s a competitive esport but they really have a lot of work to do if they ever want that.

I ask for that often but it seems like they know it requires more effort on their part and PVP is easier to make content for. I do have to agree with Monkey on community views, that is something I’ve heard often repeated from a fair portion of players. I happen to like both to a degree more leaning towards PVE but that’s just because I don’t like dealing with players in game most of the time.

It’s kind of a shame that they tossed a lot of the PVE events out. A lot of them could have been made into a stable game mode if they had no intention of running them again as a timed event.

He meant BP challenges.

These challenges are major bumps in my BP speed runs.

This one is actually easy. You can do it in PVE using a fast, low-PS car. Wait for a map where each team has their own base, zip around the outside to get to it, and sit. Most bots don’t stay behind to defend, and if you have a clutsy team, you’ll cap fast enough. If you announce you need to capture the base, often someone will join you, and the cap will go faster. The key is not to engage any bots along the way.

im referring to the battle pass missions, not the weeklies.

well then… they can make it better.

but they need to have a balance though. everything cant be strictly pvp focused. the only thing i liked in pvp was the dronepocalypse because it was fun. in pve i liked the gronch event because, again, it was fun to do with team mates and others.

i never like dealing with players in the game cause most of them can be stupid whiny babies who throw a fit and insult others when things dont go their way. sure some players arent like this and take a loss as is but theres people who dont do that as well. plus id rather not be mauled by some generic crappy shotgun build for the 10 millionth time thanks. everyone knows how broken shotguns are and i dont like dealing with them.

exactly. i dont like some of the missions that pop up like that. i mean yeah capturing the base 3 times is doable but it would take a VERY long time.

you have any idea how many times i tried this only to have a bot come after me immediately? i even tried it with a cloak but as soon as the cloak wears off the bots just target me again. more often then not my team mates are just fighting the bots and dont care about capturing. so im more often then not just capturing the base all on my own. i got mine done luckily but still, its a bad thing to have in battle passes.

I got it done pretty fast this time. The thing that makes it crappy is that you have to be the one to actively capture the base. They use to have it where any one could cap and you’d still get credit for it.

If we had normal smart developers that’s probably what they would do… lol

I wonder how sub 5% MVP/Unyielding rate people react when they see the “get MVP twice” challenge lol. Have fun grinding for a whole month I guess

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The fuel earning mechanic is one of the worst things the game has to offer through all these years.

I would put it as low as crosscrowns.

So yes i despise anything that revolves around that mechanic.

Missions should only be to deal damage, kills (assists count), removing parts, and maaaybe take cap points, and thats pretty much it.

Basic stuff, i paid for the battlepass, let me complete it while having fun the way i want to have fun.

Who told them i want to earn fuel? Earning that 40 fuel could take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on luck…Who told them that was a good idea?
Who told them it was a good idea to force people into changing their optimized builds or find space for completely new ones just to farm a stupid battlepass mission.

All that in a game supposedly promoting creating and playing freedom!