Some guns recquire too much

Does anyone else feel like too many guns need way too many things to go just right compared to the more abundant and efficient things (minigun builds and cyclones for example)

For example an insane damage output Kaiju Cockpit build with boosters to go around the slowing down of the build, but for it to work you have to hit all the shots, into a specific part of the build, at full booster boosted damage, at the correct distance (so you won’t overshoot and drive past the enemy before the volley ends or crash right into it) while taking into consideration every invisible bump on the maps terrain that might send you barreling all over the place. You need so many boxes to be checked for any insane performance

And then compare it to a basic cyclone or minigun build, you don’t need to be boosted by the cabin or any perk really, all you need to do is able to hold your mouse over the enemy, your build could be upside down as well it really does not matter, no thought needed just fire endlessly and watch builds turn into swiss cheese. Omnidirectional movement parts, facehuggin W playstyle, none of it matters you can do everything it all works, everything works no matter what kind of a situation you are in

Feels like so many guns (the ones you see nobody using 90% of the time) need absolutely perfect conditions and every possible perk and codriver skill to perfectly synchronize to barely compete with stuff that does not need any of that to be effective


Ya, the game is complicated. Maybe over-complicated with too many menus and useless and abandoned features, plus all the perks and modules that need to be lined up to make a build work.

I think the game would be better if it saw some streamlining, rather than having more crap heaped on top of it. Even the structure parts now have a bunch of perks.

I would think that all this stuff will make future game development much more complicated and difficult, and I won’t be surprised to see more bugs in their updates.

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This is why I want all perks removed except for cabins.

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Thumbs up for trying, I also sometimes try things to find some bias combos, but where did you even got the strange idea that every configuration supposed to work?

Lots of other cockpit builds in this now dead channel too
So many of them made obsolete by the balance changes, supercharged, booster and cockpit changes and so on

But some of them might work, but not in these configurations anymore, they handle so poorly now

AAAAAAA I miss wheels before the supercharged megablunder look how well they handle

I’ve watch his channel before he seems to pick harder things to play most of the time.

Devs do that, turn things upside down so that lots of builds that worked before - do no more. While new opportunities are created to explore and exploit. Benefits those willing and capable to adapt and sucks for those trying to run same builds for years. Fair I say.

Kaiju is the bigest burst damage in raw numbers in the game right now, and has had ablot of nerfs to reach some state of balance, but they overbalanced it.

Right now its heavily surpassed by the dps meta while a few months back it was actually quite effective on some spider builds.

I believe it either needs its 11 energy back or remove part of its speed limitation while charging.

Maybe the bigram buff will bring it vack somewhat we will see.

Well you had people playing it at 6k…

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Some parts in general require way too much to craft, let alone upgrade!
(Exaggerated) Why do an epic need 4 random parts and 5k in resources to craft and nearly half that to upgrade!

There are still some that play them at lower ps, where legendaries go to die…

Well, after my fair bit of trying to ignite the old flame for boosters and cockpit with various weapon combinations, I came to the conclusion that it just does not work. Not because of the cockpit changes, not because of booster changes, but wheel changes.

I still hate the feel of all wheels after the supercharged “update”

Wheels just suck, especially much with rocket boosters. Omnidirectional movement is just that much better in every way, even on builds I am doing good with, I can do even better just by using any omnidirectional movement part and forgetting all about cockpit and boosters

Sabbaths were about the only wheel that performed generally well though, but regular wheels are just too darn wonky no matter what you do with the builds

And with their new change they are going to become even more worthless more boosting power makes handling even worse, ammo boxes bloat up the ps and add even more explosive weak spots and yeah, it’s just a mess. Rip cockpits and boosters, it was fun way back in the past

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Flexibility is too powerful in the game.
There’s a reason why Hovers have always been popular. Their speed and agility provide them with a lot of flexibility. Their mobility allows them to peek out of cover quickly and duck behind safety before an opponent can retaliate.

Weapons like miniguns and machine guns are also very flexible. They’re straightforward to use and can engage a variety of different threats.

We can nerf one item, but another will take its place in the spotlight.

I would like to see a recoil and impulse mechanic being introduced. It would make faster movement parts more susceptible to impulse and recoil, movement parts like Hovers and Omni wheels will suffer from accuracy penalties when using weapons like cannons.

Restrictions amplify creativity

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