Some ideas i have

Crossout PC ideas:

-Engines should no longer require energy.

-All Modules, Weapons should get a 1 energy reduction from their energy costs (excluding any modules or weapons that originally costs 1 energy to use).

-Cabs for the following tiers, from the following tanks. (Cab ideas based on these models)
Epic Tank Cabs:
IS-3 Soviet Tank
OBJ-279 Soviet Tank
Bradley Tank American Tank

Legendary Tank Cabs:
Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte “Super” German Tank
Panzer 8 Maus German Tank
M1A1 Abrams American Tank

-New Factions for story n for the Faction Workbench.

-New Weapons, Cabs, Modules, paints n accessories from each new Faction idea.

-Ideas for a new free roam story mode. (Listed below)

Legendary MG
So basically this Gun has more dura than reaper, fires the same with little less kickback.

Each round fires a High Explosive, Armor Piercing Round that when it reaches a certain meter within the target will break itself to unload the little, but extremely deadly pellets hidden within. When the pellet reaches its target it heats up parts n does burn dmg as well as its initial base dmg per pellet upon contact.
The length of the bullet to the target ratio determines when the bullet breaks open to unleash the pellets inside.

-Iron Maiden
Heavy Buggy Cab
Itll have the 12 energy, 110 spd without engine n the tonnage of around 20k.
The reason why ill call it Iron Maiden is because when the enemy touches the mouth it will lock the enemy or enemies in place against the mouth n then the mouth shuts n starts spinning (when it closes it becomes a drill) the more carcasses it collects the more dmg the drill does n the faster its spin spd. The faster the cab goes the harder it hits, increasing to a 8fold max.
Itll have 400% ram n 300% ram resist.
Oh n if u notice it’s armor n it’s mouth have the properties as tank n APC armor. Absorbs dmg n has pass-through dmg. So that means part of the dmg will automatically get absorbed (dmg resist) n part will pass through it (no dmg) doing only about 33%-55% dmg to the cab per hit.

-Name: Inexorable
Relic Engine
Increase spd of vehicle without boosters - 180kmh
1600 Power Score
Mass Limit +6200
Durability 800
Energy -1pts
Mass 2000KGs
Perk Name: “Invulnerable”
Perk Trigger: when user hits 25% Durability.
Perk Information: Once activated vehicle becomes bulletproof for 10 seconds user can’t be damaged.
All incoming dmg is reflected to enemy @50% of enemies total dmg respectively.
While these 10 seconds are active user heals 3% of vehicle Durability overtime of these 10 seconds.

-New Cab ideas:
(Cab ideas based on these models)
Pick up trucks:
Ural 4x4
Linco Bearcat3
MXT Cargo
Hunter 6x6
Rezvani Hurcules 6x6
Askar 4x4

APC MC Rentaka
Roshel Senator APC
Spartan APC
Lenco Landcat
Cobra APC
Buran APC5

-New Faction ideas:

-Setup extra missions that go into more detail on how each playstyle n each class of, (cab/movable parts/weapons n so on), how said things work n how to better oneself as player of THEIR OWN CHOOSING.

-Introduce planes, jets n sea crafts into crossout as playable creations.

-Opening up the engineer garage farming area n moving the invisible walls to the near edge of the map.

-Make a way to combined multiple alt accounts together. Like an option to keep alts under the same main file so u can more easily switch between them or an option to combine the accounts which will combine what u got between the accounts. This would help the people who had to make an account for steam, pc, console n mobile. This way u don’t lose anything.

-Setup a story for the lore on how the crossouts coexist. Then I wanna add it to the freeroam story.
For context: i have an unfinished story based on the information i could dig up on the current story in awakening mode plus the bits of lore of certain old unobtainable profile cameo’s then i added from that point foward to start my own idea which takes place AFTER that information, a part 2 which is all based on a free roam which gives players more to do overall.

-Special Module Ideas
Bearing Systems: (rare) Rotates slow turning weapons by 15%
Electrohydraulic: (Epic) Rotates slow turning weapons by 20%

-Moving Part Holster/Unholster:

-Jumping Hydraulic System Mod:

-Being able to spend gold to change the Perk of any weapon, cab, moving parts n other mods.

Other ideas:
-make starfalls 5 energy instead of 6.

-1) I feel there needs to be some common sense rules written in plain text sense ive come across both players n GMs that refuse to take my pleas against the harassment i personally deal with (ive been dealing with for literal months) by a set group of players, in both the main crossout discord server as well as in bedlam. I keep being told, by GMs, that “theres nothing that can be done because its bedlam” apparently these players dont seem to understand the common logic about what should or shouldn’t be done dispite the “no rules” posted. Nothing crazy of course… just some basic rules so players n GMs now realize that some things we shouldn’t do, harassment is just 1 of these things.

-2) a version of bedlam we could call “Passive Bedlam”
The idea is that itll be an optional idea added to the list of modes on the map for players like myself who prefer to chill/relax instead of fighting. For this to work it the following needs to be implemented:
A) lock ALL weapons when in passive bedlam.
B) make it so all knock back capabilities are turned off (that way any trolls cant bump us around)
C) make horns in passive bedlam limited use. What i mean is some of these trolls enjoy non stop spamming the horn. So if they cant dmg us or knock us back then they would surely spam their horns to annoy us to leave passive bedlam so we couldn’t enjoy ourselves… make it so that when conditions are met it will trigger a progressive horn overheat that locks it, progressively more each time its abused. Resets restrictions daily that way they cant just leave passive bedlam n reset the restrictions.
-Horn overheat triggers for passive bedlam:
A) if rapidly pressed
B) if horn is held down for more than 2 seconds
C) if a group of 2+ honk as a link
(ik how they think n theyll find loop holes to troll.)

Some of my ideas are not fully finished but it would be an honor to share all further ideas. I truly believe that weather or not some players may or maynot agree with all of my ideas, i do believe with these ideas i could help tip crossout PC twords a better future which could potentially increase player traffic of all kinds.

Incase anyone has any trouble understanding this:
Some word keys:
Spd=Speed Dmg=Damage
Sorry if my grammar was off at all. I do type “n” for “and” , “u” for “you” , “ur” for “your”…

Sorry for typing so much i hope the devs consider my ideas. Would mean so much to me.

It’s Bedlam not Welcome town, not Cown town, not friendly Ville, It’s not supposed to be nice… The most I would suggest is they should use the awakening map. It’s larger and you have more room to escape if they give you random respawns

Divide stuff into single simple ideas that are easy to discuss, that would be what I’d tell you…

Just to let yall know i noticed some last moment grammar, small oversights that i missed so i did edit 2 times to fix 2 small mistakes. Like a missing word n a missing symbol. Incase anyone was wondering why i made the edits. :relieved:

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Doesnt have to be welcomeville. Its called common sense.

There’s an edit button go fix’em if you see them…

Otherwise i get u on the organization part. I did my best to keep it neat n in the best order i could.

It’s symbolic of the wasteland no rules…

But thats just it. They dont allow symbolization of the wasteland when we use anarchy on our language when someone decides to throw around the N bomb or the F bomb. So lets not pull that card. If they can regulate cussing then they follow the no cyber bullying rule that EVERYONE must follow on the internet. No joke when i say its a felony crime due primarily to the online rates of suicidal death rates steming from the people who find it harmless to hide behind a computer screen n harass people.

To be clear while im frustrated over the constant issues of said harassment im NOT having any issues list above. Most people dont seem to understand the severity of that n if theyll do it to me who else could potentially be suffering who could end up that way…

It’s not me if you want to submit an idea to them it has to be one at a time there’s a form for it. You can link back to a thread here for discussion over it here or on reddit… At the moment you have a batch of incomplete ideas that don’t match up that well.

This is the form though:

Thank u. This means alot imma go do that now :partying_face:

That’s part of the reason I think they need to provide a large area. I really am not in a position to gauge harassment levels though I can’t see both sides. I can tell you, you can make a party and join your own semi-private bedlam with the party it will be less populated.

As far as the main bedlam goes if you are strong enough you set the rules for the area while you are there. If you want to be in control get stronger. Yes it’s not easy to do but it is a video game and you can work on being better. I’m not sure if you’ll understand this though as your explaining that your already frustrated though.

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Im glad u have such good tastes. I made this because i noticed players like to gang up against players which is often cowardly. This engine gives the player a 2nd chance

Im plenty strong. The issue stems when main dude brings 5+ players to ragdoll me. No build is gonna last long. Even its a large map this group always specifically targets me n will not stop hunting me. As soon as i try to enjoy bedlam the team finds out n they pop in even if they werent there upon me joining.

Then you’re not plenty strong… I’m not even sure what’s to enjoy in bedlam outside of the mayhem of it. When I go in there, I try to kill and get everyone to chase me. That’s all the fun there is too it. There are people that sit and wait for it.

I’m sitting in there launching incin at them and they are having a heli battle while ignoring me. I don’t really get all the complaints. I don’t think I’ve met any of them in game that I can remember.

Imagine thinking im not. 5 people vs 1 person, as i said NO ONE no matter how u build it is gonna past that long. If u wish to delute urself from the truth than go right on ahead.

It’s a respawn area with no time limit, just keep plugging away at them.