Some people got rich today

this morning i was buying elecs, all of a sudden , market gets flooded by x100 offers 2 C under normal price. So i bought all i could and checked the profile of the ppl selling me.
this is what i found :

you can check his medal profile in game : 64 PVP battles 2 raids , 2 months of activity BUT :
sold 800 000 scrap without buing some (and never bought the items that would allow him to recycle)

And made over 95 000 C from the market today (and the day is far from over.)

And before you ask , i post at the right place , i m not filing a report , since whatever you report , nothing will ever happen , just bringing those people to a broader attention.

There was another person doing the same thing.

Similar acc, similar behaviour


edit .
this is the answer

And since instead of selling or keeping the items they recycled them and sold ressources , they evade any consequence , GG.

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re- update : looks like player LXSTPVYER , after 1 raid and 270 pvp battles was able to indulge a bit with the pocket change he earned today XD

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haaah this game never stops giving , this player was the first i found who did not restrict his profile

13500 legendaries… sounds good to me XD


Well done to them, hope they will not get banned

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Lol, hopefully this will drive down the prices of some high end items.

That is pretty wild… I don’t see Targem allowing them to get away with such a thing though surely

I hope Targem is paying you to be a snitch.

People who weren’t named have already been market banned, so I’m sure it really doesn’t matter… they’ll find out

Yep you got that right nothing will happen. Dev’s simply don’t give a hoot. I’ve submitted dozens of reports, done 6 youtube videos with undeniable mountains of evidence about a group of market bot’s that’s been plaguing the market since July and the dev’s do not care.

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