Some questions about the new crossbow

Why does it have higher durability?7 Power weapons should not correspond to such a model
Due to its fast attack speed and special abilities, no one will use it to hold it down for a long time, and its features are useless
3.Also because of its characteristics, some people will use the mouse automatic software to keep shooting at the highest speed
Because of these three points, I suggest redesigning this weapon.
Also I would like to say that if you still don’t seriously design weapons and continue to fool me, I will not spend anything (including time) for the game.

what is its ability?

Late reply, so you’ve might’ve found this out by now but it has higher durability because its balanced differently. Compare the energy costs and weight differences. It also serves a different role as its more of a dps/sustain based weapon resulting in Varan builds being exposed far more often than Toadfish bows.

The overcharge mechanic is there simply to make the weapon more skill based and to balance its damage rate. This does encourage macro use, but the alternative would make the weapon too easy to use unless its damage rate is reduced in which case they’d be no point.

A redesign could work, but we finally have a crossbow that can be used in more of a brawling/supression role (depending on distance) and honestly, despite the difficulty of use, I’d prefer for it to stay that way.

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