Someone has hacked my car attributes

Since a few months Mr. Bones (my car) shows changes. The handling, the trigger, the grip etc. are adjusted. How do I know that? Well, I know the handling of my car. When I’m in my garage and testing, everything fits. But as soon as I start a mission etc. I have these problems. It concerns the Hermit and the Bigfoot tires.

I have opened a support ticket and am now waiting. Only an insider can adjust something like this or they have been hacked, which I don’t believe.

Thank you for your interest.


There is no latency in the garage testing zone, but when you go in game it can feel sluggish because latency in this game is reaaaally bad.

Tonnage-wise? If so, the game might not say that there’s a tonnage issue in the garage, but tonnage is recalculated (2 sec. delay) based on whether or not the tire is touching the ground. This is a feature a lot of players have been discovering for the first time, and every time I have to explain it to them.

But if it’s an inclined build, I have no idea.

u know the devs also change stuff without telling ppl nd without an update

Hi, thx for y stuff. When i putt the Baggi Wheels on the Car…everthing works like it should…so the prob must be the Hermit and the BigFood settings on the Serverprofile on the Serverfarm CW. Somebody gave the items wrong attributes…will see what the support has to sai.

sya :smiley: