Something i noticed

the Narwhal has the same stats as the typhoon. really odd to me that they have the same stats. i tested it and they have the same exact trajectory for their bullets to. this thing can keep up with the trajectory of a relic. this is odd to me because the narwhal doesnt have as long of a barrel as the typhoon.

i know what others will say though, that just cause they have the same stats doesnt make the narwhal better then the typhoon, and no it doesnt. im just saying if you have a tyhoon and want a weapon to take the place of a long range cannon then you can use the narwhal instead of a tsunami or something else.

there are a few differences though

narwhal 100% penetration to the typhoons 75%
narwhal has 993 durability and weighs 1525kg
typhoon has 1045 durability and weighs 2200kg
and the narwhal has 14 ammo as opposed to typhoons 12.
minus one freezing while the other doesnt.

idk i just found this odd. did anyone else?

I noticed this as well. I was fighting against a Narwhal last night with my Helicons on the Bridge map and the fused Narwhals hit across the map with bullets so fast you can’t even see them coming.

This weapon definitely shoots like a Typhoon. It does not hit as hard but the fused Narwhal has serious range to it.

Yeah I noticed this too, is it perhaps because its damage isn’t that high? I’ve not really tested the damage of it but to work well with cryo it must be pretty hard as a reload weapon.