Something To Be Thankful For... Data Speeds!

I travel for work… kinda.

I find myself in very rural parts of the S.E. of the USA where data speeds are terrible. Where I live, just outside of a 6 million+ population city, we’ve had gig+ speeds for years, and it’s something we take for granted. We host LAN/Wifi parties for the kids from time to time & to see multiple people playing MMOs w/o lag is… well… amazing.

I was talking with a guy who is based out of one of these very rural towns & the subject of gaming came up. He said he rarely plays online games, and never does so during “peak hours” as he put it. The data speeds & reliability just aren’t there. He won’t even get Netflix or any other online streaming services because during the hours he & his family want to watch, there’s too much buffering to make it worth it.

So… yeah… just a thought to share with you fine gentlemen… complain about this game or any game all we want. At least we get to play. Be thankful…

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I’d trade data speeds for connection stability because this sucks even near the city. I’ve tried Optimum, Verizon, T mobile and all of these ISP’s suck. They charge like crazy, sell my data, and still can’t get me a stable internet connection that doesn’t drop out during peaks throughout the day. Internet was slower 10 years ago but it never dropped out as much as it does now and was way cheaper.

I’ll be thankful when bankers and sellouts r regulated into concrete boxes and lifelong poverty.


Yes, it is unfortunate that many rural areas in the southeastern United States experience slow data speeds and unreliable internet connectivity. This can greatly impact activities such as online gaming and streaming services like Netflix. It’s important to recognize and appreciate the privilege of having access to high-speed internet and the ability to enjoy uninterrupted online experiences.

I have fiber optic. I paid $50 dollars a foot to have it run to my home. This is back around 2005 or 2006.
You can’t play online games with any of the other internet services here.

I live right on the edge of a National Forest, and a 531,000 acre joint wilderness area with Canada, and you can throw a rock over my back fence and it will land in Canada.
We don’t even have TV over the air here. Sometimes you can get a Canadian station from across the border if there are clouds. And I live in a high mountain desert if you get how often it’s cloudy.
We were lucky to be Starlink’s test area, so many people switched to that. It seems to work for my neighbors.


Very happy to have good internet, even if our rates for phone and internet are ridiculously high in Canada.
Living in a big city has its advantages!

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Yes I’m am greatful for sure.

I have a dedicated 1gig line and I do not normally see any issues with Crossout on Xbox.

The servers seem fine to me even when I see people complaining in chat.

So I’m very grateful indeed.

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AFAIK, where i live ( a below 1 million population city, the capital of my country).
5G didn’t caught up yet because we are pleased with 4 G.
Optical fibre nowadays is all over the place.
I do take it for granted.
But where i work (in the city), i use my phone a lot to work.
In the ground floor and second floor there’s net, first floor, i have to hunt for a bit of net . Ahahahahah

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muhahaha ha :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

We got 5g here almost as soon as anyone.
It’s worse than 4g.
Way worse.

In theory, it’s faster.

In practice, it’s not reliable, drops signal if the wind blows, etc.

If you try to download something or stream something while you’re moving, you’ll lose that connection & it won’t reconnect. With 4g, if you lose the signal, your stream or download will pick back up when it gets a connection again. 5g apparently doesn’t do that.

It also doesn’t transmit through or around things like 4g, so if there are buildings, hills, or mosquitos between you & the towers, you’re out of luck.

It sucks.

I figured out how to disable it on my phone - thereby forcing my phone to use 4g. I’m much happier, now.

i get like 15 mbps lmao but its plenty considering i live alone


whats the picture? its still loading LOL
i kid


Yeah, but who is playing games on a cell phone connection?

Well… non-phone games :slight_smile:

I am. LOL
I often play remotely using my phone as a USB hotspot hooked up to my laptop.
So, figuring out your settings so you can disable 5G is essential unless you have a miraculous signal.

I’m not the only one who thinks 5G is a joke…