Something we can all agree on - point screen needs an update

This screen (screenshot below) and how points are displayed is kind of odd.


Once you do some digging it makes a little more sense to what is going on, but this can be so much better.

Should your 5 scores be displayed here somehow? Or should it show it’s replacing a score and give you a point value it added?

I’m not sure what the change needs to be, but this seems to be the heart of some peoples problems and I think it can be done better.

If anyone has any ideas let’s discuss.


yes this…
i dont care if it shows 332 points when i really earned 2 points in activity. for having 330 points to begin with :crazy_face:

'but i think the clan confron points are what we get (that +235 ) is added to the clan.
idk…i need more beer :beers:


One more thing we can agree on sir.

Time to start another epic weekend!

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I’d be happy if I even saw that. Some new bug has reverted me to just seeing my normal score, and it seems like I’m again unable to contribute to my confrontation score.

cant say no to that! well actually, saying no the beer, as i really like the riesling at the baur au lac as were summering here in beautiful zurich! #blessed